Wednesday, October 14, 2009 beginnings and frosted cakes...

Well, hopefully after this post we'll have more exciting news!!!

Currently, as Fall came, so did our 6th Month wedding anniversary. September 14 it was. Its hard to believe it has flown by so quickly. As our anniversary came, we decided to put our future in our hands and make way to start living TOGETHER, hard to believe we are married for this long and still commuting to see each other.

After applying to many jobs for both of us, I landed not ONE but TWO interviews at a company in the Quad Cities. I was told, and continue to wait to hear good news that if i DO in fact get these jobs (two part time jobs) that this means M O V I N G!!!! YAY

We pray and pray and pray for our lives to come together as one, and that we are able to achieve these goals we've set up for ourselves. I should find out any day if this is true. Please pray, I get these jobs, Austin gets one of the ones he's been working on, and we can then relocate!!!

I will keep you updated!!!

As we are waiting to embark on this new life changing opportunities, we also have the life changing number of 4.

Why 4, well that is how old my niece and nephew are. Hard to believe I was a freshman in college when I got the phone call from Dianna telling me she was pregnant. They are so big now! For their birthdays, Dianna or my mom make their individual birthday cakes. Well, this year, after baking so much with them they requested, "Auntie Cassie" make them cakes.

So that's what I (we) did!

Here's how they turned out!!!

Emma's Cake (Princess castle)

Landen's Cake, Lightning McQueen from Cars!!

*Keep in mind, we had to make them as close to personal size as possible..:)

Until more news...
<3 CK & AK