Saturday, August 13, 2011

100 posts and Belly

I just saw on my blogger
that it says
I have now posted 


maybe crazy good, or
crazy sad. 

Either way, YAY 
I'm sure i'll get much more when 
I blog more often and fill you all in more
plus when Elia is here. 

So we have been busy around here.
Not that I have tons of photos yet but I promise I will. 

Austin was able to FINALLY 
finish building the closest upstairs and minus doors we can 
now use it!

So thankful for the Kimler Men 
who have helped build it!!
Thank you!!

And I have been busy getting some 
Elia stuff done.
Mostly organizing and decorating
but working away. 

I have been blessed with many 
clothes and baby stuff
given from friends
and for that, this is
Elia is one lucky lady!!!

Speaking of Elia,
Here I am with her, at 27 weeks!!

Hard to believe but really, 
time does fly!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Starting her room...

I can't tell you how many times
i've heard,
"Are you ready for her yet?"
"Is her room all finished being decorated"

HAHA Heck no..

Not even close. 

Her walls are painted,
well almost finished painted. 
We have the base color finished, 
which is Olympic No VOC color matched from Valspar Signature 
Baking Stone

looks like this

That's the door to our room!!

And besides that we have her dresser- which the room is a mess
so you can see that later, 
plus we have to get new pulls and
I am working on lining 
all the drawers with fun paper which i'll show you later too. 

The first real thing I have done, 
thus far is these letters. 
I purchased these cardboard type letters
months ago from
Jo Ann, I think they were $.99 a letter

Here are my supplies:
 E,L,I,A letters from Joann's- $.99 a piece
 Matte Modge Podge- $3.99 at Michaels
4 pieces of scrapbook paper- $.59 on sale each
I used two sponge brushes, you only need one, I was just messy.

So what i did first, was pick out what order I wanted the paper in
then traced the letters on the back of the paper. 

Just make sure you get all the front and sides not the back. 
For the A, I also did not do the center part of the A,
you can't really see it
and i'm sure it wouldn't have been pretty. 

I did this for each letter. 
Then carefully I put each side on, 
by putting the Modge Podge on first 
then the paper. 
I made sure the straightest edge was facing the center. 
Sometimes i did the top first and sometimes i didn't. I did notice the onese
I did on top first looks better. 

I then coated the entire front of the letters with the 
modge podge and let them dry on newspaper.

NOTE*- I also used glue to bend the edges to make it look more rounded
from the excess paper. 
Remember, it's going on a wall, so people aren't going to really see every 
single brown line that you can just barely see when  you hold it
5 inches from your face!!

My finished project looked like this:

I think it turned out great!! I'm very happy and can't wait
to get it on her wall! I think these are going either above her crib or above her dresser on the wall!!!

You could do this for anything, like putting them 
in the kitchen, with a framed art wall, 
or in places like the bathroom or laundry room.

The modge podge seals the paper and makes it water proof.
Would i dunk them in water, NO
but if they get sprayed on, moisture on them, 
what have you, 
if you put a coat on everything you should be just fine!!

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feeling relief...

I had my routine 2 week endo appointment
and things are going well.
So far a little spike in my required insulin needs,
but nothing my trusty pump can't handle.

My A1C is heading where my lovely endo wants. 

Last time it was 5.2 
and she was happy with it, but didn't like how many lows
I was still having.
It is now at 5.3 she was happy with it, 
I on the other hand wish I felt 
like I am seeing consistent numbers to defend why I am still this low. 
I guess I am just too hard on myself, 
but whatever i can actually control with insulin
I don't care about the number, 
I just want her a healthy weight and 

After than appointment, I then saw my 
new OB, who I REALLY
He's helpful, comforting, 
educated and 
is overall very calming. 

The one thing I feel like I've lacked in my doctors, other than my
is that they really seem to forget,
I'm a person, too,
with feelings, with emotions, with worries 
with serious concerns
 and that actually take the time to listen to them,
give advice, helpful advice
and understand that this is the first time I've had a child,
and obviously need professional help from them.
This new OB is answering all my questions, 
Like my need to find a great pediatrician 
so we can ask them about 
going gluten free for Elia, 
and anything I can do to help possibly 
ward off
Type 1 if we can.
to how my test results came back and what we are going 
to do about my liver and what is happening with it now. 

For those of you who don't know, 
or care, 
we don't know exactly when or why,
but last summer my doctors found that
I have a enlarged Liver, and also having
big numbers for my 
liver enzymes AST and ALT.
They would presume it is NAFLD,
which is Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease,
possibly caused by Cholesterol.

So after knowing this might take years to fix, 
(we tried fixing this however my liver enzymes continued to rise
very much and had really abdomen pain)

So to fast forward, 
in my doctor appointment with my wonderful
he told me he got my results back
and it came back

I have 

Some how, my child bearing ways,
I now have low AST and ALT enzymes
within the normal ranges. 

I couldn't believe it. 
I have heard this over and over again 
all the complications 
liver disease and have
especially when pregnant too. 

Well, I'm happy to say, I am down one
bad scary diagnosis 
and only have 
the D- MAN
to now cure. 
which.... I'm just happy I have nothing else on my plate.
So YAY for no more liver concerns, or problems.
I still don't understand how I'm cured but I hope
it stays around for a 
LONNGGG Time.!!!