Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011 in Iowa!!

At our house, it was recorded that we got 
17.5 inches. 

HA, yeah, maybe with out drifts. 

We went to bed hearing all the wind and taking family trips to our
enclosed front porch to keep looking at how
much snow we were getting and the 
crazies brave people driving in it. 

We woke before 8am and got dressed to take Kahuna out and this
is her all ready to go out (not really, we just did it and she kinda liked the scarf!!)
Then we all saw this..


well before going out, I got my snow shoes on
so that I can take Kahuna out without falling deep in it.. lol
This was our cars in our driveway with drifts past my car
over Austin's car

Our street from our front porch. Some silly people's tracks, but not many. 

This is after we shoveled the bottom of our driveway.
Look at that snow...

This is the up view of our cars from where we shoveled for 
Austin's dad who was coming over to help snow blow.

This small amount took us 2 hours to shovel. 

The back yard where the 4 houses meet up. With 
drifts over 2feet tall. Marks in snow are mine and Kahunas!!! 
She didn't seem to really care too much for how much snow. 
She had to bunny jump over it all

Our little deck and the steps where Kahuna normally gets taken out at. You can see the 10 feet of snow pushed and piled at the end of our driveway. 
(10 feet of driveway filled not 10 feet high of snow.)

The side of the front of our house with our neighbors drive and 
you can really see the snow height here.

From the inside:

10 inch paintbrush and the drifts up to my kitchen window...

Our back door with compared to the about 3feet stick. 

Our backyard with drifts at least 2feet of snow.

How are all of you doing in this snow? Did you loose power?
Hopefully you are all staying warm and having fun
staying at home. 

They haven't declared anything for tomorrow
with these low temps coming in and all this snow
hopefully tomorrow isn't too bad. 
I might have to work, which means
I will have to drive clients around in this weather. 


Let's just hope we can get them all out safely.