Friday, January 22, 2010

too long.... I'm sorry

My dear readers,

If you are out there, i am so sorry you have been neglected. It just seems every time we want to post, or I want to post, its an hour past my bedtime, or EightyK is working on work so he can't be pulled away.

I promise we have exciting things, or pictures.

We started trying to take a pictures of EVERY MEAL i make from scratch or a recipe. Trust me, i've pulled some good ones.

AND even though there have been a few days i've fallen asleep before Picture time, we have tried to document ourselves by taking a photo of us each day. Its fun... when i'm not passed out at 9 or 10am. hehe

Also, we have now cleaned at one point every room in our house to be able to take a photo of it to post. So be prepared for a few LONG posts.

Thanks everyone, Kisses from the Kimlers!!!!

<3 C & A