Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baking for the other Momma!!

I know i've posted a LOT 
about my diabetes 
as well as 
this pregnancy. 
Neither of them got a second out of my 
day but I thought
i'd share something 
completely NOT related
to Diabetes, or pregnancy. 
Something that is delicious, fun to make, 
and makes you thankful
for being able to have it
knowing the baby might want it too!! haha

We are heading to see our friends
from college in Dubuque
(i'm actually doing this while Austin gets ready)
But in case you have an upcoming activity 
and want to make a cake of your own
this Red Velvet is the perfect one!
I'm making you very hungry while just posting photos
until I post later!!


This is the frosting I have used many times before. 
This is the base, milk and flour headed to a pudding. 
I didn't get the rest of the photos, but you cream 1c butter with 1cup REAL granulated sugar. 

then here is the rest of the mini cakes

then finished..

Hope you enjoy!

I'll post the recipe tomorrow sometime!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

-C and A

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh baby....

So I know I have been MIA
I feel like between work, swollen ankles
and being plain out exhausted has gotten the worse of me. 

But I promise, we are still
in now week 17 (specifically 17 and 6 days)
and baby is a growing.
This I KNOW.

So a couple things I have learned, 
some about being pregnant,
some about diabetes and pregnancy

I'll just do a list. It's easier!

1. People seriously stare at you like it's their job to figure out your new shape.

2. Getting up and down, and moving side to side is NOT 
as easy. I used to be pretty darn flexible and never had trouble 
bending, or at least discomfort. 

3. I do not enjoy just getting up from the couch, picking up some laundry, or doing the dishes
and seriously, being out of breath. 
this I am NOT going to get used to. 

4. Maternity clothes are expensive. 
Not just are they expensive, there is NO selection. 
Thankfully, my MIL
is making me dresses and some shirts and she has been 
putting pockets in for my pump. 

5. If there is a headache, there is some diet coke. 
I know, you aren't supposed to have caffeine while
pregnant, and I know it is bad. 
But I am hoping, baby thinks it's better for me to have say, a glass of diet pepsi
once a week or every 2 weeks, just depends
instead of hurting my liver more with taking tylenol

(p.s. since we are all being honest here, the only pre-existing 
other problem I have going into pregnancy
is that I have an enlarged liver
and so far when I tried medication it only made it worse
and did nothing but cause problems. 
The one drug they told me to never take is 
Tylenol or acetaminophen and
being pregnant you are ONLY allowed those meds. 
So I take having a little diet pepsi over tylenol.)

6. I have noticed that every other day, or two days is a bad day. 
I will have an extra 5-10 units of insulin needed on those bad days. 

7. For those that are interested in my insulin changes here they are. 
Also remember, that every single person who needs 
insulin is different. 
Everyones bodies are different and
just because mine are higher than 
"someone you may heard of" 
"something you heard from your doctor/friend/TV/Magazine"
We are all different. 

Okay pre-diabetes, 
I took 2units per carb roughly, of Novolog
and 28units at night time for Levemir. 

When I became pregnant I was changed from 
Levemir to Humalin N NPH. 
My Novolog doses changed, but mostly
breakfast: 1u :5 carb
lunch 1u:5 and sometimes 4 carbs
and dinner started at 1u: 6 carb to 1:3

Right now I am still 1:5, 1:5 and 1:3. 
I also am having now on the pump
2.70units of Novolog per hour. 

My NPH before pump was:
Morning: 16units
Dinner: 30 units
Bedtime: 60 units

So I went from 106units to only around 64 units. 

8. When the baby is growing, beforehand I feel like crap, 
all over blah, no energy, no appetite, 
no motivation.
Then in about 2 days I feel like I've gained 100lbs. 
Yeah, that feels crappy too. 
9. For the first Trimester I gained only 4lbs. 
That is great. 
However when I stopped taking birth control, 
I gained about 15. 
Which after researching and calling the company, 
that affects 1.2% of the women who take it and stop.

10. I am now at 16weeks, had gained another 3lbs from the 4. 
So with only baby I have gained 7lbs. 

11. I have been dealing with low blood sugars during the night now
and my pump alarms, yells at me, 
and then
I test, and in fact I am facing a predicting low. 
I've now been drinking juice boxes, in my sleep, 
and woke up one night with the juicebox straw still in my mouth,
my bloody finger dried against my cream sheets and 
pump light still on. 

12. During the day, I have had to do 
a temporary basal rate (the one that is 2.70 units per hour)
to 50-70% less. 

13. I felt the baby move for the first real time
two days ago. 
It was very weird. 
Actually it was Monday, while I watched and cheered clients on 
while bowling. 
It felt like a pinball machine
and I was not winning. 

14. I now can eat pretty much an entire whole, seedless watermelon,
or a whole fresh pineapple
with my blood sugars dropping. 
I promise I am not doing this, but with out measuring it, 
or whatever, 
it is as though I am drinking water. 
It's awesome. 

15. I HATE shaving. 
It is so uncomfortable, my legs cramp up and
it is not fun. 
I know, it's only going to get worse
but some how I wish there was an invention
where we stepped into this like 
auto water sander
that we'd put our legs in and
while getting wet it's sand our hair down like we shaved. 
okay, so that might have been stupid but while in the shower
I think of all the ways I can possibly get around not having to shave
by inventing other things. 

My other invention was getting Austin very upset, and allowing him 
to wax my legs. 
I think i'll wait on that one. 

I hope that helped answer some questions, or 
allowed you to understand my diabetes pregnancy life a little better. 
If anyone ever has questions please feel free to contact me or 
even email!!

Thanks again for reading!
 I promise next post I will try to get my 15 week, 16 week and 17 week photo posted. 
I'm Popping..:)

Take care everyone!
-C and A