Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Are ALIVE!!

So this is the start of my second 
FULL week back at work. 

If you aren't following me on Facebook
then I'll fill you in about some recent changes. 

The Monday after we arrived home
after having Elia,
I got a phone call from the boss
for a position I applied for in September.
I got a heads up about an upcoming opening for this position
by my current boss prior to having Elia. 

Well, She called and offered me the Job
that I had already applied for. 
I started on the 18th back at work as a
Targeted Case Manager for Vera French Mental Health Center. 
I worked at VF previously since 2009 
and hopefully now am settled in 
to a position for a little while. 

So I started work. 

Holy Moly,
this was a lot more difficult than I had thought about. 
I never thought i'd be able to get out of the house in time
and not be late for work. 
Well we survived, and 
for the most part we are all doing well.

Elia did have her 2month doctor visit on the 12th,
and she is 10lb 12oz, 21 3/4 inch long and is going great. 


She fell asleep while I cut her nails before her bath. 
Too cute!!

 And these are her new diapers. 
We use the Bumgenius Elemental All in Ones
and she LOVES them. 

I know you might think i sound crazy for knowing how much she
LOVES them but seriously. 
She can sit in these bad boys for any amount of time
and not care it's full. 
Sorry I said it. 

But when our washer broke and we had to order new parts
I wasn't about to hand wash her diapers, 
I know, bad mommy. 
SO we used the disposables we have stashed and 

she'd barely go to the bathroom and scream and cry until she gets
it changed.
That's probably why we went through 11 boxes of diapers in a 2 months. 
Oh well, we're back on them!

I changed her diaper at this 5am feeding and
she fell asleep once her head hit the pad
and stayed until i finished. 

She's so silly. 

I might be a little more worn and exhausted but she is worth
it and I have to remind myself of this,
when i reach for the second 
thermos of coffee. 

For a fake coffee drinker, 
I'm really depending on it these days. 

Hope you all have a great day!
Need to feed Elia again,
and then off to church. 

If only her Dad could get up to join us!!!
Sleepy heads!