Thursday, October 6, 2011


Soon... We'll be past 35 weeks
Soon... We'll finish the last touches of her nursery
Soon.. I'll be able to nap!
Soon... I will have time off work to enjoy being with Family
Soon... my feet with stop swelling
Soon... my house will be even more of a mess
than it is now
Soon.. We will have one more visit with family and baby shower
Soon.. We will be packing the bag for the hospital
(you read that right, still haven't gotten there)
Soon... We'll be waiting for real contractions to start
Soon.. We will be heading to the hospital..
Soon.. We will be bringing items from the hospital back for kahuna 
Soon.. We'll be delivering our Daughter
Soon.. our family will be a family of 3+ Kahuna
Soon... Austin and I will be parents. 

As uncomfortable as I am, 
As unslept as I keep becoming,
As exhausted I get from still working too much and 
too hard
We are 35 weeks tomorrow. 
in two weeks, the
17th of October we have our last little look
and Baby Elia inside me

It's amazing to think that in March we couldn't believe how long 
this process and journey would be. 
Now, it feels like I'll be a mom tomorrow. 
It's amazing how fast life moves,
and we don't even have born children yet. 

Regardless of anything else, 
I'm so happy to be here right now, 
this pregnant
still have Elia growing and living inside of my body
and blessed to have what we have. 

Here we are... at just shy of 35 weeks..
Of course us with Kahuna.. the ladies of the house

My front view!!

Another side view in Elia's Room!

<3 Cassie