Wednesday, August 25, 2010

house hunting...

So... who told me this might be somewhat fun and exciting??
okay, on TV it is Super fun and exciting.

I'm just actually wishing there was someone to seriously take what we want and 

there it is, in my email. 

Choices to look at, 
decisions to make
appointments to see..

i was really optimistic with this new realter
however, i feel more like, its me or nothing..

i don't know if i am putting more pressure on this because the earlier we do this 
the better? or...

our basement continues to leak, we deal with landlords who
don't fix things and finds every excuse to NOT fix out water problems
and not to mention, he pretty much refuses to talk to me,
or questions everything i say or do with Austin..

as if I am not serious or know what i'm talking about. 

I do not agree with choosing sex's or not listening to a 
WOMAN because of that...

uggh... i promise i will continue to post about last weeks' 
food challenge.. it was fun, however tested my patience with getting it ready
before 8pm. lol

ugghh.. ready to find a house we love and move. 

easier said than done.