Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Fun Day!!!

Today was a day of LOVE LOVE LOVE oh, and FUN!!

Our day started off with a nice crisp and warm scorching hot day in

 I have this thing, you might call it a mild obsession with buttons. 
I LOVE THEM! They have so much character 
and i guess they each tell a little about history and just think 
about all the places they've been. 

Okay, I was honest with saying I might be a little obsessed. 

Anyway we ate lunch at the button factory, which is just a
Gem. Here's what we ate:

This was his...
This was mine. Corned Beef, Pastrami, Pepperjack cheese with 
sauteed onions and Dijon mustard.. YUM

After looking around and seeing the neat machines, I then got these!!

Aren't they NEAT!! Yeah i thought so too!!!

After eating we then walked around the Mississippi. We saw this CUTE
Pearl City boat

and some more around there!

This was a cute wading fountain that kids were running in. 
SO CUTE! and what a perfect way to spend a hot day!

Then there was more walking and picture taking

Now I know i could have stood a little straighter to look less
frompy, but this is a new skirt that i just LOVE. Its almost like
a thin tweed, and oh so comfy. 

I bought this, and when It on i said out loud that this is 
a B.A skirt. Click on the link to read this FABULOUS 
blogger. She is so fun and always gives you helpful tips!!

Yes I know, i am not a fashionista, by any stretch of the word
just always trying to find a cheaper way, of fitting into something
and bring comfortable yet able to move!!

Here are some more pics
My S.T U D L Y husband in all his glory!

Mr. Kimler isn't that short at 6'2, compared to that statue
he looks mini!!
After we got back we had a fundraiser for my work, 
Trivia Night actually, and this is after
coming home from that and maybe a bar, or club or you fill it in!!

I changed this up by wearing a new shirt from Old Navy on top as well. 
This skirt is really versatile! This whole outfit is actually from Old Navy!
And probably under like $12 bucks! Can't beat that!!

Here are some more details of the outfit!
the head band with flower is from Claire's
and the necklace is one that can hang down as a long necklace
It was a gift for Christmas, I think Kohls!

While at the fundraiser, there was also a silent auction, which i won

Hope you guys enjoyed this day as much as I did!!

Thanks again for tuning in. 

Also cupcake and "THE CAKE" are coming
sorry for the wait!!
<3 C.Kimler

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So I have realized recently that I LOVE following others'
blogs but really haven't put too much time into

I am now trying (trying to post on MY blog) to learn to DO IT. 

My Personal Goals are:
1. Post 3 times a week
2. Write about interests of mine- such as baking cakes, crafting,
etsy, bargins, learning to be a better wife.
3. Get more than 2 followers. 
one of which is my SIL who doesn't remember her password and
therefore shouldn't count. 
Hopefully we can do this. If there's anyone out there reading here's my question to you..

If you could change ONE thing you wish you had time to do, 
for YOURSELF what would it be?

-<3 C. K
some cupcakes I made to test new tips I used, for the cake.. which is to come!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

being crafty...CAKES!!!

Sorry we have been MIA. We have been so busy with work, parties, wedding, activities in general
that I just have not posted as much as I wanted.

So a few weeks back now Austin was the photographer for a friend of ours Wedding:

* This is all of us Gamma Phi Delta's that were at the Lawrence Wedding!!! We are so happy for Kristen and Nick!

The next week I had been hired to make a coworker's MIL Wedding Cake. 
After some research I decided to go ahead and do it. 

Stay tuned, I'll post pics of this. 
Until then you can see it on Facebook:

Also, we are planning a Kimler vacation trip at the end of this month!!
Here we come Washington D. C

-<3 the Kimlers!