Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another baby project..

If you are friends with me on Facebook
you commented like CRAZY
on my photo about these:

I read/saw somewhere a cute easy
DIY decor item for a baby's nursery
that could really be used 
anywhere in your home. 

First, while I was at Hobby Lobby
I checked out their fabrics,
most of which were 30% off already!

I then only needed the looms/hoops
whatever you'd like to call them,
which the small and medium sized ones were
$.79 cents, you got that right, and the big ones
were $1.19. 
This total project cost: $11.54 with the fabrics. 
I mostly got 1/4 yard or a 1/2 yard where needed. 

Then I put them in the loom/hoop's
where they are still right now. I realized after putting them together and 
so many people asking me what I was doing with them,
I started looking for my inspiration..
well until now,I couldn't find it. 

Long and behold, It was from a 
nursery crash from YoungHouseLove.com

found here through babycemter.com

or looks like this:
taken from domesticadventure.com

I too have a Target clock in aqua to put in her room
for the sweet price of
...$3.. you got that right!!


She spray painted them black to look more like frames.
I definitely don't like the wood color,
but I don't want black though.
Maybe I can use the wine color spray paint I have,
to add a little something?
Not sure yet, but the project is
3/4 the way finished.

How did you decorate your child's room/ Nursery?
what have you seen that you'd like to put in your child's nursery one day?

All I know is I like putting little things together
to help make her room complete,
and I like doing it as cheap/affordable as possible!!
thanks for sticking around!!

It won't be long though, I'm posting about our
Ultrasound yesterday soon so stay tuned!!