Friday, July 15, 2011

June 30th to currently.....

Sorry it has taken so long since i've posted, 
been a little...
but here is my update from my 
June 20th's doctor appointments. 

First, I saw my favorite Endo for an update. 
She was gone for 2.5 weeks so I didn't see her
like my usual 2 week appointments,
but when she returned we chatted about her trip
(one of her daughters got married, it was fun)
BTW- I think this is one thing that I SUPER love about my endo, 
she tells stories and is very personable, 
but when it comes to diabetes and health
she's a warrior chief I kid you not. 
She is tough on it, and works it like no doctor I've had.
Okay, maybe Mr. Awesome my first endo after being diagnosed. 

Anywho, so we met, and while she was gone I 
had horrible horrible lows. 
30's 40's and 50's that showed 

I was totally beaten by diabetes and still kind of am. 
I'm so happy Elia is enjoying eating and growing
but I didn't realize how much babies suck out of you. 
I know from reading Kerri's blog 
if you haven't read her blog, you MUST. 
Anyways, didn't realize i'd be in 23 weeks and still 
battling lows in the 30's and 40's with no signs. 
It pretty much sucks when you finish your glucose tabs, 
all your snacks, your juices and your Altoids in your car
trying to raise ONE blood sugar before you should really drive. 

I mean, come'n I was only 41mg/dL and still driving 
but felt fine. 
Sometimes when that happens
I feel fine, but when I think about it, 
I always think about that one person
who always thinks their okay to drive home, 
say super tired, overworked, 
or after having a couple drinks
(hopefully of Skinny Girl!!!)
I feel terrible. 
That's probably what it's like, 
if i felt anything. 

Anyone else feel bad after driving with a low?
Maybe it's just me!

So while at my Endo visit my 
BP was 80/40 which is super low, and I had
just been running around. 
I was concerns for the diastolic being so low, that's the bottom number. 
I asked, and she took it a couple more times, 
me sitting, standing, laying down
and it went up a little, 
90/52 but still.

Don't get me WRONG, I'm super happy to 
still have great BP's but 
that low after running around explains me feeling
dizzy, lightheaded and 
seeing starts. No joke, it's not something you just see in 
the movies or cartoons. 
It's a real thing. 

Almost like what you see there are little 
spots that are blurry and they fly around the air
and confuse you. 
Yes this has also happened while driving. 
I pulled over this time. 

BUT the best part of this appointment was the 
surprise it's time to check your A1C. 
We found out I an recheck them often
as long as it's been 31 days or more. 

So today it was..

well I was hoping for 
a 5.9-6.3 as I was
5.5 last time and felt I had a couple more highs
that I didn't always catch in enough times..


I now have the lowest A1C in my 
Diabetes history...

ladies and gentlemen...
mostly Ladies i think...


I know right. NUTS.
But apparently being 5.5 is okay, 
but being this far along and at 5.2 is NOT.
After changing some basal rates I was off to then go see a new 
potential OBGYN, Mr. J. 
He was referred to me by two of my 
husband's cousins
and felt it was time to try, as I was not happy with t
the place I was attending. 
Let me just say, 
for the first real time, I had the nurses, the reception staff
and the doctor all on the same page, 
working together, talking together, 
writing down correct notes
as they would read it to me, 
and Mr. J answered every single question I could think of or 
The only biggest change was that
he was allowing me to try to do a 
natural birth under a couple circumstances. 

1. That she is not over 9.5lbs. 
Once she hits that mark, if she does, 
then her shoulders and chest could be too big to deliver. 
He explained that diabetic mom's 
when their baby is gaining weight and having to make more insulin
to cover their high bs's that the bulk
of weight and girth is in the chest/shoulders. 
I had never heard this, so good to know. 

2. My BP and Eyes still stay manageable 
I am currently keeping 
a steady lower BP 
at around 120's over 60's if not lower. 
Mostly 110-116/ 50-60's 
with a few lower exceptions. 
I also have nothing going on behind my eyes, 
such as any retinopathy, so bleeding or spots
of inflammation. 

3. If nothing else comes up with her or me
medically wise that would cause
anything emergency. 

This alone made me feel so much better. 
After meeting with him for over an hour and talking
I felt better for me and
Elia to have him bring her into the world.

So decisions alone were made and I'm still happy!
The other thing we discussed what tests are next. 
Like I mentioned earlier from meeting with the nice Doctor 
from Iowa City Hospital
is that I will have a fetal echo-cardiogram
performed, holy cow next wednesday already. 
They want to look at her heart, make sure everything looks
and performs how they should. 

I will have another level 2 ultrasound the following 
Monday here in Davenport with them too. 
Then once I reach 28-30 weeks, depending on how we are
doing, i'll have weekly ultrasounds and fetal echo's including
some non stress tests as well. 


Today we are 23 weeks pregnant with little
Elia Irene. 

I'm trying to manage these super marshmellow like
swollen feet and ankles (wait what ankles)
and my calves. 
It feels like my skin turns to a sausage casing that is being stretched. 
Not fun at all. 

This weekend we are off to a Wedding 
for a very special dear friend from College
and then a fun week with the Echo on Wednesday. 
I'll try to update before then, and hopefully with a 

Take care everyone, Have a safe and happy weekend. 
Stay cool. 
It's supposed to get in the high 90's to triple digits this weekend. 
at least here in Iowa.. 

<3 Cassie and Elia!!!
(as she has been kicking away while I 
write this)