Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things I have learned....Pregnancy!!!

Recently, when more changes keep happening to me,
or when I notice something is getting more 
difficult than it was before
I keep thinking, 
How come no one has told me these things before? 
Am I the only one?

Also, the small things I am learning just about every day things,
it seems either no one speaks about them
because they are small,
and NO BOOKS told me. 

Some are probably only Me- related, but
in case you are currently/trying/want to be/have experienced pregnancy
and want to add, please read this list, and add if you'd like. 

The things No one Told me..

1. What those "flutters" really feel like. 
2. How your feel and ankles can swell EARLY, 
i'm talking like 14 weeks early. 
3. and when you are swelling, it feels like your legs and feet are the casing on 
4. Maybe people don't want to freak you out, but 
it is the most uncomfortable
feeling when you try to walk.
5. I call my milk jug feet, because seriously,
you can't walk without discomfort or bending your ankles. Forget it.
6. Standing for long periods of time, the farther you get
is almost like a work out, 
as  you have to keep shifting the weight from leg to leg
and you don't want to be rude, but you just need to sit down.
7. Being out of breath is an understatement. 
8. I'm the kind of woman that can multi-task like no other
and be running around the house, up and down 
floors quickly, carrying who knows what
but I think it was around
9. 24 weeks were I started getting tired bringing the laundry basket, 
that's just 1 single basket people, 
up or down 
I'm like, man, this is ridiculous. 
10. Now, at 30 weeks, shut the front door, 
it's like I literally chased an animal around my house
up and down the stairs
bending down/getting up
and then ran a mile in this 90 degree weather.
All without water or a breath. 
12. And I have only gained about 13 or so pounds, 
give or take with swelling,
so I cannot IMAGINE gaining like 20-40 
or having multiples. 
13. You woman are SAINTS. 
14. Feeling your breasts grow/stretch  is not comfortable. 
15. Sometimes, out of no where, of course when you're talking to people
or driving, or in church, or at a work meeting, 
you get this 
incredibly sharp slight pain in random spots,
maybe around your areola/nipple (sorry TMI)
and I compare it to my breast reduction when my nerve endings were reconnecting. 
16. NOT ENJOYABLE, oh and that feeling, doesn't really 
17. wonder what it will be like when milk comes in. AWSOME.
18. Bending starts with getting stuck half way, 
then progresses to feeling pressure in other places when you try to bend,
to almost not happening,
Did I really just drop ANOTHER grape on the 
(then you hear your lovely dog, or my kahuna 
SPRINTING to beat you to it and enjoying every lick of it)
19. Now that bending is uncomfortable, trying bending over 
and realizing you need to pee. 
20. then comes at night time, or during the night, or
in the am when it's time to get up,
and you have that "full" feeling you need to pee, 
then bend to turn over to your other side, 
since you're not supposed to lay/sleep on your back
(and ladies, YES, it can be dangerous, and i've heard some are seriously
uncomfortable doing so, but I feel that is one of the few times
I can actually breath and feel NO pressure. 
21. So flipping over from one side to the other, 
while in the middle lifting your body from the bed to move and then 
having to wrangle your pump and the tubing
to make sure you have them close by one another
22. then you realize you're stupid for evening trying to 
flip, now you have to walk down the stairs,
in the dark , bending down half way like you'r back is broken
to make it to the bathroom, 
to just barely make it. 
23. When you pee too, it's not like water works, 
it can be like 2oz but feels like a GALLON. 
24. then you turn your pump light on, 
and carefully walk back up the stairs at full 
stance, when you're dog follows you and you only 
hear her when she is passing you up
and you have to brace yourself against the wall before moving
or you'll fall. 
25. Anyone else notice how painful your one ear gets when you fall
asleep for a period of time, and don't have to pee, yet you
still have to move because your darn ear is sore from laying on it. 
26. And then of course, while you peacefully go back to bed,
and gets kicked up near the diaphragm so you are now
currently out of breathing air, 
and your husband flips over and wakes up not even awake, 
and is like,"what's wrong"
oh nothing, just got the wind kicked out of me., 
Go back to bed. 
27. Then there is when you go to get ready, and that underwear
no longer is comfortable,
but yesterday that type was.
28. or than tank top was long enough
and today
29. that same brand, that you bought at the same time 
in the other color is now not long enough
to cover that blue belly panel from your pants.
31. Also, when you realize your breasts are now
completely not fitting in two of the three 
bras you actually enjoy wearing
and have until this point refused to buy any new or bigger ones
32. and you think to yourself, I'm pregnant, 
am I allowed to "adjust", they must expect it right?
33. Just picture a too small but comfortable bra, with a light up
blue insulin pump/pager size disco ball
in between them. What a sight huh!!
34. Back to the bending- Actually shaving your legs. 
hilarious at this point. 
Sorry hubs- deal with it, or shave them yourself. 
35. how about when you are exhausted from going 
up and down those said stairs doing
that said amount of laundry,
you get relief of comfort
sitting down with  your feet up and your head back,
then your freaking insulin pump alerts you
like a punk
"low predicted" 
"High predicted"
"meter BG NOW"
"Cal Error"

Pump, thank you for making me and my baby safer by insulin 
delivery at the drop of a hat, 
but SHUT UP. 
 I could throw you. 
36. And for those of you with working
pancreas' or are not pump users, 
those alerts, you must clear/or take a blood sugar.
37. then you realize you are in the chair 
where you're purse is in the other room or over at the other end,
with your meter in it,
then your other one is upstairs
and you realize you are out of strips for the one in your purse
and now have to go see if  the box on the vanity has one more tube.
38. Only to find out you now have to get up, check that one, 
go to the box, then other room to open another box,
and test, to find out  your low, and need to treat 
ASAP because you are in the 
50's with an arrow or double error down. 
38. Oh diabetes. 
39. there are probably a lot more, but I think this is good for now. 
40. Just to leave it on a even note, during writing this, which only took me
eh, maybe 15 or 16 minutes, I have
had to :
take a blood sugar
see what kahuna was barking at,
answer the phone in the other room,
go pee, 
feel at least a good 5 strong kicks from 
Elia baby,
clear two low predicts
and chug two chugs of pineapple orange juice from the fridge. 
Now I am as exhausted as if I got the laundry from downstairs
and brought it up. 
huffing and puffing. 

Oh pregnancy with diabetes, you make EVERYTHING a challenge.
Now to go make lunch. 

Did I scare you? did you experience any of these?
What else did you deal with that maybe I haven't/or forgot?

Hopefully after today,
i'll post about my 30 week 
photo, and fetal echo i had this week
plus baby projects we are doing. 

Thanks for reading!!!
-C and E