Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great Love...

Hard to believe, this past Valentine's Day
marked our 5th together and 
on the 18th of Feb was our

4th  Official
year of being together.!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Spending the past four years together, we have learned so much not only
about ourselves, but about eachother and what we want
in life as well as obstacles we have had to overcome... TOGETHER. 

Looking back at photos of us like this one:

from Austin's first real GREEK experience, when we actually
allowed to HAVE FUN as Greeks and do what we want.

Along with this photo..
How sweet Love is when its only a few weeks old. 
Maybe you noticed that this was right after surgery!!

Through all of these years, not only have we gone from dating, to engaged, to married to living together, 

but also realizing we are eachothers rock. We are always there for eachother, no matter what.

Sometimes it gets hard,
hard to manage every day stressors,
change in schedules,
to even the simple disputs, as whose turn it is to do laundry or dishes. 

But at the end of the day, when we stand there and giggle or smile with eachother

its LOVE like this..

or this

and this....

that matter. 

Tonight, more like today, we were able to FINALLY devote a WEEKEND to US. 
No work for me (first in a WHILE), No lists, no requirements as to what has to get done,
just plan ole kimler kid fun. 

{for those who actually read this and don't know, we call eachother kid, why, i don't know. He thinks 
we got it from watching SATC (Sex and the City) with Big and Carrie. Who knows but 
that's us!!}

We slept in, lounged, ate lunch together, Austin's pick and i didn't mind, pulled pork. Then
while i START a fresh batch of Grandma's cookies, (at 3:07pm) he then pulls up on his phone the
movie times for Shutter Island, which i'm DYING to see. 

this is how it went:
A: okay so the movie times are, 3:05, 4:00 or 7:10. Kid, we gotta get ready
C:okay, I'm going to finish these cookies
C: wait do you have to take a shower
A: Yes, DO YOU
C: Yes

C: okay, i'll finish this, you jump in so i can then get in and YOU take the cookies out(3:12pm)

in between then, and 3:52pm


both took showers, got dressed, (hardly), took cookies out of oven put on counter, 
blow dried partial head of head, gathered our belongings, started the car,
drove across town, got tickets and seated. 


That's Love!!!!

Sorry if that was TMI, but darn, what a good, yet completely unproductive day. However, it ended with Whitey's ice-cream so its FINE by me!!:)
<3 us