Thursday, September 29, 2011

34 weeks.. Can you Believe it?

This is us at 33 weeks, at our first baby shower
in Bettendorf!!!

*WARNING: this is a photo/information loaded baby post*
okay you were warned..

Okay first the diabetes/medical stuff:

I had my 33 week ultrasound last friday, and we were able
to see hair,
an adorable Kimler nose and lips,
a belly practicing breathing,
a little girl punching her Mommy,
and that she is weighing in at
5 lbs 0oz!!!

We cannot be more thrilled, 
heck, I cannot be more thrilled,
i've been having bad dreams about her being 6 plus lbs at this stage,
and happy to know she is averaging at an even 5!!!

I never thought i'd make it this far, 
have a growing child instead of me
and still be doing so well,
(knocks on all wood in the room)

Not only did she measure up great, 
but my non stress test Monday went great,
and today my 8th non stress test was just perfect!
At my appointment, my lovely OB is happy where she is at
growth wise,
I have more than normal amniotic fluid, which after quizzing him, 
he just said that it basically means you have diabetes,
which is obvious, and won't affect her or her growth or
Speaking of delivery, I have made efforts
to try and stay a little ignorant as to 
every detail of what happens,
like this baby having to come out of me, somehow and
made sure he knows, I pretty much
know nothing. lol. 

He laughed, told me some information, 
we talked about the birth plan, that he said,
to think about, figure out things that are important to me,
and just know that in the moment things change
and what I might have wanted before, 
woman often change in the moment. 

However we are both clear, 
my goal is to have this Type-1 
Momma deliver NATURALLY!!!
meaning, unless all fails, or something bad happens,
I do not want a C-Section. 
(Don't worry, I understand that it's not the end of the world,
and the safe, health and well being of both myself and my child
are the most important, and I will do whatever it takes,
but i'd like to try for one more thing
a diabetic mommy can do. )

We scheduled my next and LAST
ultrasound on Monday October 17th. 
After that, which I will be 36 weeks,
will just be waiting for her
to make her arrival!!!

So her room is getting closer to being finished. 
here are some sneak (messy) peeks!!

the embroidery hoops I painted and put together, along
with her name I made. Those are also hand made rosettes with button centers

Ikea shelves, with "stuff" on them. 
The ceramic pieces I made including the kahuna dog :)

Top shelf which will eventually have breakables and items we don't need
all the time

Diaper Cake from my baby shower, the little bird
is actually her LED nightlight!!! it's rechargeable too!!

I lined her drawers, one orange and white polka dots, one green with white design
and one that you can't really see, white with bright flowers

Top Ikea shelf. My awesome caddy from and kahuna dog. 
Am waiting until her arrival to put photos in the frames!!!

Under her crib, is a rolling drawer that came with the Crib. 
We are using it for blankets, sheets, and covers for items.
This is Kahuna trying to find the squeaker in Elia's giraffe..
at least that is what I think!

While taking photos she then went to the top of the stairs
and threw her ball down for me to throw up to her..
such a little girl

And can't help but take another photo of her trying
for attention while taking more nursery photos!!!

Planet Wise Wet bags we bought for our cloth diapers!

Austin's Daddy not a diaper bag- diaper bag. 
It's Chicco and this inside is ALSO orange.
<3 <3

So that's her room. Just have some items to hang up still,
finish her orange hooks, and her mobile. 

Thanks for hanging around and checking out our 
slow but steady progress on our daughters room!