Monday, August 1, 2011

Growing little girl...

a few months ago, 
I think May was when I took this photo
of me and little E.

And I thought I was big then. 
Totally Laughable!!!

Now, things like this are happening..

On most days, the only place my
engagement ring can fit on. 
My wedding band is not even close to fitting anywhere,
maybe my pinky toe.. lol
and now we are still doing things like this..

fighting off weird feelings of dizziness and
 low blood pressure 
along with a out of no where low blood sugar
(Oh yeah, this belly is mid 24 weeks)

and at 23 weeks we were at a friend's Wedding
and this is what we looked like, 
Me and Little E

Growing Girl Growing... It's amazing how much bigger I feel these days. 

and here is a helpful comparison from earlier in pregnancy 
to last week
 I think this was somewhere between 15-16w                     This is at 24 weeks.

Mega Mommy. 

Also, we have been busy with doctor appointments to check up
on little E, her heart, her growth, 
my diabetes and insulin resistance starting...

On July 20th- I saw the Pediatric Center from U of I
( They have clinics here in Davenport so I don't have to travel to Iowa City)
and had my first of a couple 
Fetal Echocardiogram. 

Basically, I laid uncomfortably on my back,
for about an hour, 
where a great doctor checked her out, 
looked at all the chambers, ventricles and 
arteries around and in her heart. 
The big concern for IDDM mothers,
(Insulin Dependent Diabetes)
is Congenital Heart Disease and Heart Defects.
So far she is looking great, checking out good. 
I have a follow up as it was a little 
fuzzy on some parts for her
as E was turned facing my spine, 
all while punching my tailbone area, 
(Thanks baby girl..)

But so far so good. 

July 25th- I had my second Level 2 Ultrasound
(just to note, i'm obviously sitting down and STILL seeing stars.. darn low BP)
anyways, this is from U of I again
but at the hospital we will deliver at. 
The doctor, you can say was more than opinionated 
and trying to educate me regarding
high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, the complications and these two
as well as Liver problems prior to conception, and the problems now for me. 
I was over stimulated, crowded and uncomfortable.
She kept giving unwanted information 
about things such as uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, 
and elevated BP. 
As anyone knows already, I have type 1. 
Not that any type of diabetes is good, 
please don't get me wrong, 
but we have different ways of treating and sometimes managing
what happens to us. 
No diabetes is good or fun to have. 
I promise you that. We as diabetics work very hard
every day to make sure we can live complication free. 

Anyways, after listening to her going on and on about this, 
and getting seriously frustrated, 
I think i tried telling her I have type 1 and a pump, 
and low BP not high. 
Nothing changed. 
After telling me I am giving my child diabetes 
and how much my life would be better and more comfortable bending down
( i kid you not)
my wonderful husband touched my hand and asked me what my current 
A1C was. 
I responded 5.2. 

She shut up. 
Everything after that was "perfect," "beautiful," "normal,"
and "great."

speaking for me. 

Elia is now as of last week 1.6lbs, in the 13th percentile for weight. 
I asked what is the range and she said
10- 90%. She said something about
the 20th percentile is where they would maybe worry she is too big for right now
in development
but she's small and 
doing just fine as her little self. 

What great news!
Controlled Diabetes, beautiful growing baby, 
what more can a girl ask for?

I can tell you what i'm not asking for, 
being this uncomfortable already!

So I have now decided baby books
tell you nothing about the "REAL" things about pregnancy,
and movements. 

Here's my little list:
1. Baby LOVES ice cream, cold things, and buffalo type meat sauces. 
2. She enjoys pushing something near my rib cages and 
dive bombing my pelvis area, which creates the MOST 
uncomfortable feeling and pain ever.
3. I have now finally started to gain a couple more pounds with each visit, 
up to about 10ish now, 
however my Endo feels most of it is probably the swelling
water weight.
4. She likes to go "swimming"
inside of me, almost like watching
 a fish peacefully swim in a fish tank, 
however I feel it inside of me. It's fun to concentrate on, as it's soothing. 
5. Don't get too excited, she then follows up with a HUGE punch or Kick at something sensitive. 
5. She responds to my voice when I say things like
"Elia, this is hurting mommy,"
"Baby, this hurts mommy, so please stop it."
to even,

Typically she punches or kicks me one more time and then it slows down. 
6. The most recent, as in the past 4-5 days, 
she does something that hits or pinches my lungs/diagphram
so quickly that
the air in my lungs is sucked out
and it looks like I am choking. 
However, it is not so.
It feels like after they pull the tube down your throat after sugery
and you gasp for air, 
with a dry throat and all,
is what happens. 

Yes, dramatic, but wipes you straight out. 
It mostly happens when i drink/eat something or 
when I am peacefully relaxing, in all the time i get. lol
So we see the OBGYN on Thursday for my 2nd checkup 
and see how things continue to go. 

The past few days, I have also noticed my postprandial blood sugars
(after meals)
aren't dropping as fast after 2 hours where they normally would, instead regardless of
what i eat, they go up. 
I'm having to take extra insulin to cover this 
so I'm pretty much increasing my basal with temps at about 4pm or so. 
So hopefully this ends, I like seeing 80s and 90's steady!!!

So far, growing growing. 
Next post will hopefully be about decorating her nursery and ideas!!!
Stay Tuned!