Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Week..... New Cook

Well, I guess I can call myself that..

That's right folks... I'm restarting myself this week..
How? you ask.. well

Lets say I just sat on my couch listening to Julie and Julia creating 
a menu for this week. 

I have gone through my cookbooks and found ONE NEW RECIPE to
try once a day. I gave myself one new recipe, however, but just has to be one
item of the meal. 

I will document through photos, but for right now we have the line up

Sunday: Grilled Chipotle Chicken Sandwiches with No Bake Chocolate(Nutella)
oat bars (Yep that's TWO new recipes)

Monday: Herb and Cheese bubble loaf- homemade(like dry yeast and all)
with noodles and my already made frozen Spaghetti sauce

Tuesday: BBQ Pork Chops with potatoes in slow cooker
BBQ will be Russ N Franks from the one and only
(if you live in that area.. PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy this BBQ sauce
you will never go back. Its amazing and ONLY made there. Its the Russ N Franks Sassy that
we prefer!)

Wednesday: Honey-Glaze Chicken with Rice in this bad boy..
Yep! For the first time. Thank you for the Wedding gift Markwell Family!!

Thursday: Chicken in Lemon Cream with Penne- Giada de laurentis YUM
I'm using left over chicken from yesterday though, plus we LOVE chicken.

Friday we have a Wedding and i will NOT be cooking..

Saturday: Lunch Julia Child's French Crepes, and my filling is cream cheese, pork sausage in  crumbles
with roasted grape tomatoes and my home grown basil..

Hopefully the husband will enjoy this, i'm making him eat chicken on the bone
despite his hatred for it, but giving him his favorite BBQ sauce.. hope he can suck it up!!
Hopefully i'll post pics as the week goes by.. 


What's your favorite recipe? Or quick on the go meal???
I'd LOVE new ones!!

Better wear my pearls this week..Thanks Julia!
Don't worry i bet she has pearls on.. lol

<3 Mrs. Kimler