Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 27, 2011....

I can't imagine our life
right now
any different. 

Mostly, between my husband and I. 
My growing baby and I
and most of all, 
My diabetes and I.

This is me on June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011 creeped up 
This was the day we had our first
of two
level 2 ultrasounds. 

If you are unfamiliar with this
 it is where they look at, measure and
inspect the whole baby from
head to toes. 

Austin went with me to this appointment,
where the University of Iowa( from Iowa City)
come to a local hospital and perform these ultrasounds. 
We got there practically running to find the right elevator 
and sat in that small little area with the sign saying:
University of Iowa Outreach Clinic. 

It was coming. The day to find out
who you are, and how you are developing. 

This is where I have been keeping myself mentally busy
thinking about all the what if's and the "did i do this."
I have heard of many PWD who have delivered healthy babies, 
and for them I am so beyond happy, I just want to be one of them. 
Knowing anything can happen. 
Well, they called my name, 
we walked in, 
got on that oh familiar table where I was greeted by
the most comforting and helpful 
sonogrammer and doctor I have
met in this process. 
They explained everything to us, what they were going to do, 
what they were looking for and 
why they look for this. 

Started at the little head, to the heart, 
to the bones in the arms, spinal cord, 
to the abdomen and stomach, 
to the legs, measuring,
the hands and the feet, counting toes and fingers
and then at the end, after hearing, 
"perfect" "normal" "great" and 
"just right" 
we were then asked if we wanted to know..
we said yes. 

This is what we saw..
the little face, and arms and belly

 just chilling like a little bat inside mommy...

and one like this..

how perfect is right. 

After the sonogramer pushed on my belly
to move the baby
and trying to find what was behind 
seeing if you were an L or and E

Austin started telling baby to move so we can see what you are
we want to know baby, 
it was so cute how excited he was to find out..

then she took a still image..
and she told us..

You see here, 
this is where we can see that you are having 




We held hands, so happy to hear all the good news
of how great she is developing and growing 
and now knowing that you
little baby inside of me, 
is a little girl. 

Elia Irene Kimler will be your name. 

We are so excited to meet you when it's time
and to know you are doing all that you can to be
a growing little bean!!!

We left with this doctor, who is awesome by the way
what was expected for the rest of the pregnancy. 
I will have another level 2 at 24 weeks 
to determine how she is growing and developing
and then at the same time
having a fetal echo performed
also by a doctor from Iowa City
then starting at 28-30 weeks we will have
routine echo's and non stress tests to 
continue to keep an eye on her. 
I will also have one ultrasound each month 
until the 30's come and will have one each week.
This doctor said he will be letting my 
doctors know the orders.

One we left, we went back home quickly to 
let Kdog out, and have lunch before being able to tell
our families...

We shared with both of our families in different ways. 

I had the neighbor to my parents
bake a cake that was pink inside and bring it over to their house when 
it was time, 
and i made cookies to bring to my inlaws to tell them over dinner. 
My parents found out first and then
we were with Austin's parents, and my grandmother
at dinner, 
and when it was time for dessert we all grabbed a couple
cake cookies
and i wrote on them things like, baby boy, little girl, boy or girl
and lots of baby like things on them. 

Betty, my grandma had the little girl one, and as we were all 
eating, I asked what her's read
she said little girl
and I announced that is exactly what we have, 
a little girl!!

They were excited and Happy to find out how healthy she is. 

My mother I knew once she knew what it was would
shove her hand right in the cake, and I promise
I do know my mother. 
She figured out what it was and stuck her finger in it
to see a pink cake. 

I called My older sister later and had her and my niece
on speaker phone
asked my niece what she though it was, 
she said "a baby girl" and
I told her she's right!!
They were so happy and 
my Niece high fived my sister (I could hear)
that she knew all along it was a girl
My niece and nephew are twins and are 5. 

We are so happy to know, 
and just elated to know so far so good with this pregnancy. 

My little sister and her husband drove over this weekend
to help us on the first of many parts to prepare 
our little Elia's room. 

They painted it a matched Valspar Signature color Baking Stone
for the room and one of the walls
will be either strips of a few chosen colors or
a stencil. 
We have yet to decide just picked out colors so far. 

Things are going well, and we are very excited to
hear so far so good!!!:)

I did see my endocrinologist on Thursday and that post to come:
Stay tuned!!

-Cassie and Elia!!!