Friday, April 8, 2011

Diabetes 365

As some of you may know from a previous post
I am attempting the
Diabetes 365 project
by taking a photo every day
related to or something to do with my diabetes. 

I seem to never forget to find someone, or want to use this
and here it is. 

I'm almost one month in and can't wait to 
find out what
all happens in month two!!!

You can see my flicker account 

in case you're curious.. 
here's some photos..

Thanks for reading!

Just in case you care to know..
this Sunday will be the 
2nd weekend I'll be fundraising for 
Walk to Cure Diabetes 
for the JDRF walk. 

If you are interested in reading my story
and possibly donating to 
this cause
please visit me here:

Thanks again for all your help, advice and support!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pump.. Pump it up...

Pump up the jam
pump it up
why you're feet are stompin

Anyone else get the Salt n Pepa in your head now?
 I hope so. 

Not that i'm jumping up and down
per say
but I did get news today that


This one to be exact
including the color

is what I will be wearing.. Soon.. very very soon. 

Medtronic has been calling me all week letting me know 
the status of my delivery
the price
and how this delivery will go. 

I will be getting my 3month supply, 
the CGM sensor's as of right now I will get 3 months
but I will have to only get 1 month supply at a time
who the heck knows..

I think it's stupid. But who am I. 

I'm happy for flexibility, 
and i'm semi- terrified. 

I know why I need to do this, I know this will help
but knowing that I don't mind using my
Humulin and Novolog 
doesn't bother me. 

I'm the person that HATES things on my skin. 
Band Aids- No 
Wraps- NO
Stickers- NO
Tape- Hate it

I do not know how I will deal with not being able to pull it out,
but I need to do this and I will. 

We'll see how long it lasts. 

Either I really enjoy it 
and my fears are swept away
or i do it for the sake
of trying it
and after a period of time
I stop using it. 

I really don't want to stop though
because the money involved to make this happen
and trust me I"m not making millions over here

means i really NEED to do this. 

Okay Body.. let's give this a try!

I find out soon, hopefully, when my start up week is
and pray for me this works, and
i'm not too miserable. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

when you talk and people don't listen...

So in the preparation of the pump
I have been tirelessly 
writing down 
putting in my body. 


So as I am happy to follow through with this
and write everything down like
a good girl
I go in to see the dietitian. 

I'm not sure if i woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
she was a little too "rough" for me
or what
but let's say I didn't feel too good 
having her rip my food charts to 

 She made comments about this, that, 
why I have 1% milk and not Skim,
or how did i judge Grinder's bread
compared to my fiber rich super low calorie bread at home.
Or why did you give your banana 15g of carbs here
but here you gave 11g? 
And then proceeded to ask me multiple questions
on why I don't measure using a scale. 


I'm pretty sure I chugged my bottle of water and then refilled it 
in the hall so i stopped myself from talking
as I was getting annoyed. 

She then seemed to get the hint as she told me 
that maybe she is misunderstanding me.
She then told me i need to lower my breakfast
amount to 30g of carbs for breakfast
all while getting an egg, milk, fruit and a whole grain.

DIABETICS, please tell me HOW YOU DO THIS. 

I'm mean, i'd have to eat like a flippin rabbit. 

Sorry. All of you wonderful non-diabetics, 
look at your breakfast tomorrow, just check out the carbohydrate count and
think to yourself
if I can only eat 30g what can I eat. 
So much for my 42g of Fiber cereal for Breakfast. 

Sorry for the rambling. Sometimes it's soo easy to feel that
someone with out diabetes is
picking all of your hard
work apart. 

Then the dietitian proceeded to tell the Pump Educator
that she doesn't need to really see me again because
I am doing so well.