Saturday, September 11, 2010

We just bought A HOUSE!!!!

LADIES and Gentleman...

Your hearing it first..
Yes, its a little prematurely since our home inspection isn't until 
Thursday but...
We just bought our 
home together. 

Yes. We are so excited. Much lower in price than we were looking,
fits 98% of our needs.. no garage
but phew, with the $$$ we can save, we can 
make it our OWN!! YESSS

Once we take photos we'll post them..HERE!!


Here we come home decorating!!:)

Thank you for all your help, advice and support
We really can't thank our family and friends enough!

-C & A-

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grown Ups....

At least we are feeling it VERY much right now. 

I guess i wasn't expecting what being a "grown up" was about..

between finding the "Mr. Right", getting into a good college
learning how to live, and create my own standards
and reaching for those accomplishments.
That's where we are today, right here..

looking for the next BIG accomplishment..

I guess the big ones of finding true love
finding a job
attempting to support ourselves
battling medical issues and failures
getting married
are all past us or currently with us..

dang medical issues..

but anyways..

Here we are, seriously considering a HOUSE.

Yes people, not the game you play with a basketball
with an attempt to not suck to bad as a sport
but an actual, 

type of House. 

We have thought long and hopefully hard enough, 
we have brought out family in to take a look
we have thought about looking more
and not liking what we are seeing,
trying to comprehend what expenses we might have 
something happens... but here it is

we are writing the list of items we need to include on our 

If only they gave you manuals to buy your first 
BIG Girl House.. you know
those pink and purple Barbie houses..

yes, if in fact i had that earlier i might have prepared myself for 
something, like..

an offer. 

But alas, here we are. 
We never imagined how drained we'd be, working hard and long, trying to pin point
this whole house thing, and feeling 
100% happy with our

Please Pray, Think, Cross your Fingers,
Hope and Wish that this is
the start of a wonderful adventure in our life
and that we are picked to love this home and to make it our own
with sweat, love, tears, maybe some screams and of course
a little swearing(lets hope not, but seriously... i'm being realistic)
that this can be THE HOME for us
at this stage in our life. 

Until tomorrow....

Monday, September 6, 2010


its been rather busy around here...

I know everyone says, "If you think your busy
wait until you have kids.."

but this is US busy..

We have both been working over 8 hours if not 12-14 for the Mr. 
and as you remember from my last blog, 
we are looking at houses
which is FOR SURE a full time
commitment and job. 

We really want to find the one that fits us the BEST. Both with
price and bedrooms and functionality of
the space. 

This is exciting!

Last Sunday we looked at houses and found one that we really enjoyed.
We call it the 70s house. 

Its full of crazy wallpaper, bright-crazy pattern carpet
and you guessed it.. SHAG CARPET. 
Don't mention the super 1970s Bar. ..

well they called, and they really want it all back. 

Yeah. But the bones and love in this house are really great. 

Great yard, huge 2 car garage, deck... just the basement has
evidence of water, as in super water. 

If you aren't sure how much I DESPISE water in the basement, 
oh its huge. 

but knowing theres a huge chance we can fix it next summer
makes it bearable! 

Anyway, after talking about it and then thinking about looking at other house which are newer
i looked, i looked and looked. I then found this gem.

a little 12 years at 1934!!! but the house looks..
as Grandpa Kimler said.."promising"

Now we just have to figure out what we want..

and that our offer gets accepted. 

Please hope, pray, cross your fingers that we are able to 
make a decision, write an acceptable offer and then 
become first time home buyers!!!

Hopefully we can do this. 
Otherwise, we sleep. Work, House hunting, SLEEP. 
every once in a while when I get home to cook dinner, i then cook. 


-C & A-