Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying to Explain...

I took a client of mine to the doctor. 

While at the doctor we discussed some serious
problems and feelings my client was having. 
This client happens to be diabetic. 

While in there, seeing it ( i'm using "it" because 
I obviously can't say anything else
but he/she is too tempting
so "it" it is. ) feel pain and the thought of going through medical
issues alone, as well as other complicating issues
with it's health, I felt 
so helpless. 

I supported it, I rubbed it's hand, 
I provided encouraging words. 

Then we got into the car. All of a sudden 
we were talking and there it burst. 

I told it how mad I was that when I was diagnosed 
I felt like I had no one 
to compare my life to. 

The life I had known, was different, 
those years in high school, middle school and 
elementary school
was all a blur. 

I remember having flashbacks of memories
I had as a kid and the thought that
i might have not had those has this
annoying member of my body 
never entered it. 

I was able to provide my client
with being that person that remembers people asking
"You're diabetic, can you eat that?"

"but does it have sugar in it"

I remember feeling like I had no rights, 
I was given up to this disease
that there is no cure for, 
and I 
among all of these
other "normal" people and college students
was no longer normal. 

I told my client how I felt, 
how yes, the thought that I now am at a higher risk of complications 
like loosing my legs/feet
going blind
heart disease
organ damage
kidney failure
heart attack..

just to name a few of my later in life 

we were able to relate. 

and then it said the one thing I wasn't expecting to here

"you know Cass, if i wouldn't have met you when I did, 
i might have died drinking my 
regular Mountain Dew"

and THAT made my day. 

Sometimes you don't have to explain how you feel, 
someone, despite any other factors

AMEN to that!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Thanks to my BEAUTIFUL sister
and her family
we were able to treat ourselves to dinner!!

We cleaned the house,
put up drapes, lots of drapes
hung stuff on the wall 
and the Christmas tree is now put away for next year. 

So sad it took this long for us to
find time to put it away. 

Here's us before date night!!!
(I need to figure out a way to make these unblurry once
i get them on here. so sorry :( )

YUMMY It was!

Look for new updated pics of our 
1st home!!

Well the rooms that are finished! and clean ;)