Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So, we just got back from a family vacation..

where to you ask?...

Gettysburg, Washington D. C, Philadelphia, Annapolis, 
Fredericksburg, and

Yep you guessed it, 
well i hope you did...

Austin's father, Gary was a Scout Master for this years
Jamboree from Bettendorf, Iowa!!

Here are a few pictures from our visit!!!
Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

This photo is for my mom, who LOVES Pink!!
In Philadelphia too!
At Arlington Cemetery

Fielding and Betty Washington's house in
Fredericksburg. This ceiling was entirely constructed of 
PLASTER!! Love love love it!!

Us on the top deck bus in D.C

No this was not on our trip, but AFTER! Meaning, last night. While in Fredericksburg
we went to this FABULOUS wine store, which, Me being a WINO 
Like passed out from how great this place was. 

Here is the first wine we tried, The Stump Jump.
Semi- sweet, fruity, red and D-Lish. 

If you ever try a wine and you can't help
but keep drinking, PLEASE let me know. 
I <3 Wine!!

Anyway, I made a breaded chicken for us to share, Orange Citrus Rice, 
and for Me, a Caprese Salad. 

Yes, i HEART this salad.
Bet you can't guess what FABULOUS Ingredient came from MY garden

Garden of two pots..( Hint: Green licorice tasting herb) YUM soo good!!

I know it was back on June 30th but here is photos of my cake for a coworker:

Hope you enjoy'd seeing what we have been up to!!:)

- Cassie-