Monday, November 21, 2011

Elia Irene....

Elia Irene Kimler
Born on 11-9-11
at 7:22am

8lbs 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches long

skin time..

 Best lactation consultant ever!!! Happy Elia!

 After a early morning feeding, stretching out with Mommy
Daddy and Kahuna time!!!

 Proud Daddy! Hanging out in her sling!

This is the only way i'll sleep. If she doesn't have one hand out
she cries until that little hand can touch her face. 
THANKFULLY they make swaddle blankets for 7lbs!!

And at her first Festival of Trees Parade 
enjoying  every minute of it!!!

It has been a wonderful 12 days of having her in our lives. 
It has certainly been a learning experience for the two of us
but we know this was the perfect decision we could have
ever made. 
The first day was the greatest. 
Prior to her arrival we had a very rough, 
meaning extremely heart breaking experience with my
OBGYN which I will explain in her birth story later,
however, with the want to just have her
in this world, safe, healthy and in our arms
we had her via c-section despite other plans or hopes. 

I was able to have low blood pressure and very managable 
blood sugars. 
Going into surgery, I had a great 103mg/dl and stayed in the 90's following. 
Was able to wear my pump the entire time, 
had WONDERFUL nurses and my anesthesiologist was one in a million. 
We were nervous and anxious to meet her
but once we heard her cry,
our hearts melted. 

She is forever ours and we are so
lucky and blessed to have her 
in our lives. 
No feeling, or experience having her in our arms,
or seeing her in her daddy's arms 
can be any better. 

I will let you all enjoy these sweet photos before 
getting into the details of her birth story. 
Thank you all for watching over us, praying for us, 
keeping tabs on our progress and 
wanting a healthy baby and mom as much as we did!!

In case I don't make it back in a couple days, 
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Enjoy those little moments, those that would normally be upsetting, 
or those when things go wrong, like a burnt side dish or 
dry turkey. 
Just remember, there are greater things in life and the little
miracles in life are the greatest blessings. 
Enjoy family and friends
as those memories are the ones we 
carry in our hearts forever.