Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicken Spaghetti, Brownies and sleeping kids...

Happy belated Valentine's Day Everyone!!

I hope you all spent sometime in the past few days 
loving on what you have, who you have in your life,
and hugged or smiled that people
you passed by. 

Okay, I did that, but only to share the 
love of this holiday with others. 

As I am writing this, I just wanted to paint a picture:

On the couch, TV showing FernGully (no there are no kids here, two adults),
I have myself wrapped in a throw, my adorable 
Kahuna bear(really a dog) laying stretched out between me and 
my husband stretched out on the couch and ottoman,
snuggles up against the couch armrest with his hand
holding his tired tired face on.

I would take a photo, but when he found out
i'd might get my 
Lagomarcino's Sponge Candy taken away...
 (we definitely don't want that)

In case your not from the Quad Cities
For Valentine's Day my dear husband got me the DE-LISH-US (said that way)
Sponge candy..

 which they explain as this:
Sponge Candy:
Sponge candy, also known as “Sea Foam,” is a porous, crunchy confection with a slight saltiness that provides a contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate. Sponge candy, a favorite amongst our customers and critics, is only made during the cooler months when humidity is low. 
Its perfection in your mouth.

Anyways, Ours was spent at our favorite sports bar hoping not many people would be there
and we were pretty accurate. 


the day before Valentine's Day I made 

Which turned out looking like this:

Chicken Spaghetti
I did made some small changes

#1- no pimento- I personally don't like it and didn't have it in the house
#2- added red sweet pepper shopped
#3- I've been cooking my frozen chicken breasts in the crocpot all day.
Normally I add chicken stock/broth, apple juice, Captain Morgan and 
cayenne pepper, chipotle seasoning and 
who knows what else. 
Normally that. 

Yes i did say I add Captain Morgan to my chicken, I think
it makes it moister. 

#4 I ALWAYS shred my own cheese. After finding out they add
some ingredient close to wood chips
in it to prevent it from caking. 

It was pretty darn delicious. 

I also made these for the hubs..

As a thank you for doing dishes today.
Then I passed out on the couch and he forgot to put them away and 

ate them all.. 

while we slept..


Question for my readers: Did you do anything with your coworkers
or for people your work with?

I did.. .and I'll tell you next time!!!