Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today is a special day for me. 
Today marks the last of those
"yay, it's my birthday, all about me"
(not that I REALLY think or say that)
after this birthday,
every other birthday will be spent
knowing my family is well,
a family. 
After today, 
(meaning this birthday, not that she is due today)
will be our day. 

Today I am 26 and 
it's the day of my birth. 
I was born already,
on that day, 
Friday the 13th, 1985
at 3:13am. 

I've been thinking lately about
our next thanksgiving,

Ugghh.. Holiday's as crazy as they can be,
as a family. 
With a little girl, and her toys, 
and then bigger toys,
and barbies (oh heaven..)

But I'm happy to say, that I 
was woken up before my alarm today,
something in the 4th hour 
by a very powerful kick
that moved me.
This one, not just my stomach,
like my whole body. 

I think Elia said 
Happy Birthday Mom!!!

So Cheer to you all, for 
praying for us to make it here,
for listening, and caring for us,
for reading our life, 
as sad as my updating skills are,
and for keeping tabs on us
with this new experience of 
growing our daughter. 
(haha sorry that sounds like I'm growing a plant or something!)

Happy Birthday to Me,
the fact that I still have this
little girl, kicking and punching away. 

Baby Elia- Kick all day for Mommy!
I enjoy seeing my tummy move, 
and my organs/ribs hurt. 
I'll see  you at your birthday,
the next one in our little family,
(not including Papi, or 
Emma and Landen)
but we'll wait, 

Happy Birthday, to the last of it's kind!!!
Little Elia Girl!

On our Anniversary 3-14-2011

At 20 weeks...

I think 28 or 29weeks!

And tonight, I'll post my 31 week 5 day photo..
our birthday photo.. me and our little girl!!!