Saturday, July 2, 2011

how life quickly changes.....

in the most beautiful ways...

I have started this post a couple times
and still have yet to finish it
on the computer which has the photos. 

But I am letting you know, we have 
LOTS of new baby news,
house news, 
growth news. 

I am finding out much about our
little growing being
how we as a health care team 
are going to be able
to keep this little
person and myself
as safe and healthy as can be. 

If it helps, I had two days full of doctor appointment, 
seeing three different doctors.. 
LONG week..

So please, stay tuned!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I know I already wrote about it, 
but the past few days, I have been doing a lot of thinking. 
I guess this is good, 
but I've really been thinking about
how far we have come as a couple
and now how we are making such
big changes in our life
and yes they can be scary
but rewarding as well. 

Seeing a friend of mine in the hospital 
after delivering her beautiful 
little man
and holding him
really makes me realize how lucky we are
to be healthy enough to have babies
and to try our best to carry these
little guys and girls in our arms
and our bodies. 

There are so many things we as mothers, 
and fathers to be that we don't realize. 
Maybe this is a normal step for
a mother to be but 
getting here just makes me think 
of all the things that are coming, 
the months to come,
the people in our lives, 
the people that will 
welcome this little person
in their life. 

I'm not saying this is an easy process, 
this is the hardest I can say
I have ever worked at anything. 
Working with people, and people
with a mental illness or
compared to this. 
But hopefully I am lucky enough
to hold this little baby
and enjoy this life with my husband
and our dog!!!

I've continued reading this book
that we picked up when we first found out
back in March
and it keeps me thinking about things
that i didn't think about, 
or the different types of births.

Anyone else know the difference between
Lamaze, Bradley

Have any of you used either of these
and can give some pointers
on why this worked for you?

Other than that, i'm sure I 
will not be sleeping tonight
anticipating how tomorrow will go. 
Hopefully Austin won't be late..
he's ALWAYS running late!!!

-Until Tomorrow-