Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Months...

Little Girl you are
two months old on 

Where does time go?

You used to be just a little bug at 8lbs and 
shrinking.. all the way to 7lbs

and then you started growing more.. and more
 at just 2 weeks old at the Festival of Trees Parade

To hanging out with friends before Christmas

to bathtimes with Momma
at almost 5 weeks 
 to at Five weeks....

This is how I carry you during the day so you
sleep and let Mommy do things around the house!

And so do you. 
When your cranky or not feeling well
because of your tummy
you like to be as close to mommy as possible. 
So i wrap myself up and slide you in
and a miracle happens..
You're happy!
 You still have tummy trouble,
but afterwards, all you want is me to hold you. 

Here we are at 6 weeks little girl.. all snuggly!

You're enjoying watching everything around you,
especially lights, fans, Kahuna and the 
christmas lights daddy hung around the ceiling of our living room.
You love watching moving objects, and
listening to any kind of music.

I think you prefer Christmas music
but you do enjoy animal sound lullibies!

Little girl, 
You are growing so fast, 
and catching on to things. 
You know when Mommy is around,
You know when Kahuna is near because of her collar
but when it's night time and we take her *necklace*
off, she sneaks up on you!!

You love it when Daddy comes home from work, 
and you love to hear your little musical panda 
that hangs from your carseat. 

You DO NOT like to be too hot,
but you typically love your bathtimes.

Almost each time Mommy feeds you
you or gets you to sleep in her arms
her darn insulin pump goes off. 
But I don't think you mind, 
you quite enjoy that extra vibration under your butt
or your head!!

You enjoy when we lay you flat on your back and you can
kick and groove your little body
and look around. 

When you wave your arms 
vigorously in
the air while your feeding or just finished eating
that means you need to burp

You like to be bounced around all day in
Mommy's arms and when anyone 
else holds you and she hears
that cry or whine, 
she knows you just want a little bounce in your step!

Mommy and Daddy's life will never be the same
little sweet girl
and we are so thankful for that. 
Even when we are tired,
or rushed
we have to to thank with that sweet smile
or wondering eyes 
that we are so lucky for you to be in our lives
and how lucky we are to have a 
healthy baby girl
in our home. 

Thank you little girl for being patient with us
and for letting Mommy and Daddy 
learn all about you!!
We are so lucky and 
can't believe you are almost 2 months old!!!

Plus, your just now fitting better in
0-3month clothes, so your 
wardrobe just got
about 80% bigger!!!