Saturday, May 21, 2011

Attention Insulin Pump Users..

So I haven't had my pump very long
but I am just curious to all of those pumpers out there,
When insulin is being pushed by the piston
can you here it kind of clicking?

I notice this in the morning and when everything is super quiet but 
is this normal?
I keep forgetting to ask about it but 
I haven't dropped it or anything and 
my numbers keep looking fine.

You just normally don't hear your device
making noise unless it's not working correctly?

Thanks for all the help!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rump, and Dr. Confidence

After seeing Dr. Uneducated I was bummed. 
I was upset, but I was so happy we were able to see 
baby that until I started to tell
other family members of my experience
I then started to feel bad that I didn't speak up. 
I know now, I have the right to stop feeling this way. 
For once, I'm actually in the seat to 
say yes or no. 
Typically, for my life with doctors,
I don't get a chance too often, just because for example, there are only so many doctors in my plan
or so many endocrinologists( but I LOVE mine)
so I've just dealt with them. 

But those baby pictures were just too cute. 
Here's I'll show you again, 
I know it is hard to see on here but it's so cute. 
Little body, little head, little rump. 
hehe, Rump. 
Cute name for the butt area I think. 


so I had another appointment for 2 weeks to see the progress and
to make sure things are going well. 
I also had blood work taken today and I'll find out the next time how it went. 

I had my routine visit with my endo Dr. H. 
She's really great. 
I appreciate her help, her knowledge for for telling me
honestly what she's seeing and how she feels. 
I think I forgot to mention, part of my prework this past month was 
24 hour Urine Test (GROSS, never will I enjoy or want to do this again, and I told her)
Blood work, for A1C= 6.3
As well as scheduling for a pump class at the Diabetes Center. 
She said I am doing a great job and I also enjoy
that no matter what
she'll be honest in helping me get through this pregnancy. 

After seeing her, I then had another appointment with the Group
for a different OBGYN.
After the first one, I'm still optimistic that I can find one better. 
This was a man, and the man I've had most of all my life
and delivered me, 
Dr. John Carroll 
is, well shucks there aren't words.
He's fantastic, caring, helpful, and a GREAT MAN. 
I don't think I'll ever compare anyone to him.
So I met who I am calling Dr. Confidence. 

He's tall, older and kind. 
Comes in shakes my hand, thankfully I'm not naked this time
but I am alone, Austin stayed at work.
So he came in, reviewed my information,
discussed getting on the pump, 
he was manly optimistic and kind. 
After seeing my blood results and 24 hour urine test
he said things look normal. 
What the heck is normal. 
In my life, I don't remember being normal, except maybe in middle school or some of high school. 
It felt good, even though I laughed when he said that. 
My last A1C was on the 8th of March, 
while I was still on the insulin Levemir which you cannot be on while pregnant 
or trying. 
So when I was taken off that, I started on 
Humalin N which is an NPH insulin. 
This type peaks better and will help me manage my blood sugars throughout the day 
when I'm not eating or taking my other kind. 
This helped me so much. 
It really helped me mange them better, 
especially those early morning blood sugars.

So back to Dr. Confidence. 
He told me my A1C was great, my readings look good. 
He was in and out, 
straight to the point, confident, 
Checked me out, said things look great. 
He couldn't find the heartbeat and I reminded him that
I was told I'm having another ultrasound today.
After asking more questions regarding
my previous cycles, 
he then decided to go ahead and do it. 
He told me what he was going to do, what I would be doing and going
and when i'd see him next. 
A lady came in, got me
did an ultrasound,
Saw bigger moving baby. 
He's so cute!!!
(Remember I'm saying he until we know different)
I saw little arms and legs moving, his body floating 
in his little bubble. 
Here is what he looks like on 4-28-2011

look at the little head.

The heart rate today was 170, and strong. 
The lady was really nice, and when I got back in
Dr. Confidence came
and reviewed everything with him and 
made an appointment for another month so 
on May 26th I go again. 

I liked him. He was helpful, 
said great things, 
told me the truth, and
was supportive. 
Things are looking up. 

I attended a full day of Diabetes Education (much like I had when I was first diagnosed
and didn't learn much but helped others I think. 

Next we have the Pump day, figuring out basal rates, 
sensitivity factors and pumping for the first time.

I do want to say how thankful I am for all the people
reading our blog.
We really appreciate all of the support
comments, messages, emails and 
lurkers for reading. 
Please feel free at any time to comment, email or
get ahold of me if you have a story to tell me, 
to share with others
or some things you've gone through in your pregnancy. 
Thank you all again!
-Cassie and Austin-

Thursday, May 19, 2011

seeing baby move and meeting Dr. Uneducated....

So after getting the pump and a little before
I was under orders to write everything down. my sheets looked like this:
 I basically wrote down everything that I was eating, 
how many carbohydrates each item has.

This was annoying, mostly because between the 6-7 different
insulin injections and writing this all down
I was exhausted, more than I already was. 

Oh yeah, and lets quickly talk about how TIRED I am. 
Seriously, low blood sugars, tired passed exhaustion. 
Another weird thing is 
at night time, when i was able to fight through that nauseousness,
something happened. 
In the evenings,  I cannot concept food 
let me explain. 
After 3-4pm, I can't think about how to make food, 
you say chicken and I can't think about what it looks like, 
what it tastes like, 
how to cook it, 
or what to do with it. 
Seriously, no joke, not funny and totally debilitating.
Austin would ask what I want, i'd throw myself over the couch or chair and just mumble. 
I can't think. 
I don't know what food is. 
One day i was proud to walk him through how to make 
homemade mashed potatoes. 
But, unless he just does it and doesn't ask me questions, 
I can't figure it out. 
When he asks because he forgets and he wants to make me happy. 
I try to write everything down, count carbs take both insulins
and then i'm stuck. 
When he asks a food question (which i'm already nauseous)
i freak out, panic, can't count, can't push my fingers on the calculator to 
figure out the carb counting
and i'm crying now, crying like a little girl. 

So glad most of that is over, at least the thinking part of it. 

This was all for the preparation for the insulin pump which I am today
in my second week of but I'll get to that in a different post. 

Anyway, I had my first OB appointment with a doctor,
who i'll name Dr. Uneducated. 
First to make this a happy visit this is our little baby,
looking all perfect and beautiful:
 and with a heart rate of 165.

Beautiful beautiful baby. 
Austin was with me for the first part, and then he left to go back to work
and tell his boss and coworkers about our little baby.
I stayed and met with my first of 6 OBGYN Doctors.
So I met with Dr. Uneducated and I'm going to paint the picture for you

1. small COLD COLD exam room
2. Given what I call a folded napkin like paper to cover my ENTIRE BODY.
3.When given the napkin, literally the freakin size of a kitchen napkin, the kind you unfold in 4 squares. 
4. Completely naked and use this as a coverup. 
5. Hell, that thing only covered ONE of my B cup boobs, HELLO. 
6. Did I mention, this room was very cold. 
7. As I push the button, naked a nurse comes in and asks if she (Dr. Uneducated can bring in a student)
8. Why the Heck not, let's scare them. 
9. Dr. Uneducated came in with student.
10. They sat down, asking questions, mentioning it's hot in here and wondering if they can turn the air on. 
HECK NO, I'm shivering and have goose bumps on my body i'm so cold. 
questions were typical:
Medical history (which included much T1 talk)
Family History, 
Blood pressure check
Protein in urine check
What doctors i'm seeing.. and so on. 

SO after "chatting" of 45 minutes of so, 
naked, (i won't let you live this mental image down, i'm sorry)
then she did the physical body check and exam. 
Did the breast check, after explaining over and over I've had a reduction. 
She FREAKED out when she saw the scars.. big woop.
then when she saw my battle wounds..
as in injection bruises
she literally moved back, 
acted as if I have some type of plague, 
raised her voice and said
 Dr. Uneducated: "Umm. What are those from?"
Me: Umm, i'm diabetic remember
Dr. Uneducated: "uggh, do you take injections?"
Me: (in my head) No shit, did you not learn this in school. Type 1 diabetics only live
by giving them self injections of insulin. 
She stood still. 
I was laying there, her not wanting to touch me, 
and I then sat up and explained how type 1 happens, 
why I have to have injections, how mine is different than 
type 2 and that sometimes, mine result in bruises. 
And I give my injections typically in the stomach. 

Then she challenged me in asking, 
are you sure you're Type 1? 
Didn't they test you for Type 2. 
(she made some kind of comment about how I weigh more than the average type 1
and that you are normally diagnosed younger than I was at 21)

I never felt so propelled to walk my naked butt out of that office. 
At first I liked her because I have the same cardigan as she was wearing,
however, how dumb are you. 
I asked for a doctor who knows and is comfortable with Type 1's. 
They tell me they are the best here. 
I pretty much and too pissed off, upset, angry and irritated
to look her in the face. 

I'm still mad writing this over a month later. 
I am still puzzled as to how she passed medical school.

All I have to say, and any diabetic who is currently pregnant or wants to become a mommy, 
NEVER EVER, let someone make you feel so belittled
because you don't compare to the text book. 
I didn't speak up when I should have. 
I wish I would have stood up and complained. 
I wish the student would have said something. 
This is a serious disease that takes a heck of a lot of work, 
and time, and energy and money. 
Don't accept anyone that treats you differently. 
I think I am finding my voice, and hopefully
my baby will never have to meet that Dr. Uneducated 
when it is time. 

Shame on you Dr. Uneducated. 
Has this every happened to you? What did you do?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

finding out part 2....

After we hugged and kissed 
we just sat down and couldn't believe this was

Let me back up... 
like say the whole 2 months leading up to this date, 
March 10, 2011.

(i'm guessing with 2 months but play along)
I panicked. I freaked out. 
I contemplated over and over,
maybe I can't do this.
what if, what if what if. 
This is where I love my husband more and more 
I don't know if i'll have a healthy pregnancy. 
I don't know if my diabetes will stay or ever get under great control.
I don't know if I can work hard enough to make sure he will be okay.
(I REALLY want a boy, so I am using he until I know different)
What if I fail?
what if i get preeclampsia?  
What if my blood pressure gets to high?
What if I never get to see my child alive?

Thank you Austin, for dealing with this. 
he did. 
He'd tell me it'll all be alright. 
I bet neither of us can recall 
how many dinners I cried through telling him
I'm done with this. I'm just gunna go back on the pill
and not think about this yet. I'm not ready. 
He got upset. I got upset. 
I hated being so wishy washy but 
knowing I HATE being out of control
scared me to think
i'll lose control. 

(Okay back to March 10, 2011)
I didn't feel the same anymore. 
I know now, I am able to get pregnant. 
I'm able to see this:

This picture was actually taken as a gift 
to Austin on our 2nd wedding anniversary. 
Not really a gift, but so he can see what I saw.
We're parents. 
We don't know how this will go, and no one does except
Austin's grandmother, Nanny, and my grandfather Papa
because I told them to make this happen if we can do it. 
BAM, they really listen. 

After March 10th, (Thursday)
I then went in first thing on Monday the 14th for
another HCG blood test. 
(the 14th is our Anniversary btw)
March 10th- HCG 125
March 14th- HCG 516

We were so happy. It's increasing. 
In my medical records, I am now pregnant. 

Then to make suer things were progressing, 
my doctors wanted another HCG on 
Wednesday the 16th.
March 16th- HCG 1000!!!!


I then started by two week appointments with 
my endocrinologist 
Dr. H. 
We decide 100% to go on the insulin pump. 
Today starts the day I write down 
every. single. thing. I. eat. 
blood sugars at those times, how I am feeling and so on. 
I did this, 
saw the pump educator, dietitian 
over and over again for weeks. 

My pump came on April 10th. 
My first OB appointment at the Group
is on April 14th. 

So far, as far as symptoms go, I am tired in the afternoon at around 2pm
and ON. 
I'm trying to take naps, 
my sense of smell in INSANE.
I start getting nauseous throughout the late afternoon into evening. 
I only puked really because of body smells my clients had. 
I could smell I swear
hair follicle's growing... YUCK.

Otherwise no vomiting for me!
Thank you. 

Next: First OB appointment, setting up insulin pump dates,
working while pregnant, swollen feet, and mental/emotional status.. stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When we found out...(Part 1)

I mentioned before that I was going to try and document
how we found out and what has happened with me
and this pregnancy from the beginning. 

I'm going to start the week of March 7th, 2011. 

3/8/11- Today is my first day meeting my new endocrinologist. I haven't seen one since moving to Davenport
over a year ago, just meeting with my general Medical Doctor. My Medical Doctor was
actually going to be gone in the month of February and wanted me to get in to see one while she was gone. 
Even though that didn't happen, it was nice to see one. 
My new endocrinologist is Dr. H. 
I met her, she was sweet. We reviewed how my diabetes management has been going
and what options and changes we might be making. 
We discussed my elevated liver enzymes we found out about last summer. 
After trying to treat it, nothing was really working,
and with an attempt to maybe think about 
expanding our family, I went off medications. 
We talked and talked, and figured that with my diagnosis, 
and only getting older, more and more
complications are inevitable. That with some time, I will see more complications occur and 
that while i'm generally healthy, now might be a good time to start this new chapter. 
We had already stopped preventative medications and
upon seeing Dr. H, I had not yet had a period. While crying over talking about the insulin pump, 
she stated, "I bet your pregnant now," I told her no, it's just scary and the idea is now
coming to reality. We filled out paperwork, got some lab work to be done on Thursday and
we set up another appointment for the end of May. 
They did say, that if in fact I am pregnant, or will be soon, I would then see her
every two weeks and call in my blood sugars twice a week. 
All is well. 

3/10/2011- Appointment with my Medical Doctor
Let me say first, that I HATE the facility I currently attend, but LOVE my doctor. 
Sadly, that doctor graduates and will be moving after June. 
I really love seeing Dr. L. She's sweet, helpful, calm and 
compassionate. I wish she didn't have to leave. 
We always catch up and chit chat while she does her routine checks. 
Today I informed her of all the information from seeing Dr. H. 
She was happy that we decided to go on the pump, and was okay with the tests she wanted. 
We almost finished our meeting when I remembered to tell her that I have yet to have a period
and this was now 35days past when I got my last one. 
She LOVES kids, its obvious. She lite right up when I told her this. 
She then pushed water down my throat, 
we talked some more, and then I took a test in her office. 
She came back after the vampire (lab lady) stole my blood
and then she came in. 
Dr. L told me a couple other things and then snuck in the information
oh, and I wanted to tell you that the test was
I didn't say anything. 
She said it came out positive but faintly,
and prepared me for all the information regarding this new discovery.
THEN, Panic started. 
She then asked me about the lower right pelvic discomfort I have been having. 
I explained again, it wasn't painful, it was just pressure or 
She then told me she wants me to go directly right now to the hospital for an
emergency ultrasound to check for
an Etopic Pregnancy. 
Not only was I shocked, freaked out, alone and have no idea what this meant, 
the nurses then were frantic to get me into their tonight before they close
but they wanted a HCG blood test first again to verify that
I was indeed pregnant, early, but pregnant. 

My appointment was at 3:45pm and this was coming to almost 5pm now. 
My phone was slowing dying, and my work phone was in the car. 
Austin was still at work so i figured if this took an hour, okay no problem, I'll do this quick
and go home. 

WRONG, was I so WRONG. 
I went there right away (it is a building directly behind my doctor's office) and
went to the lab. They had no idea, made me wait, go to Radiology, then back for the actual blood work. 
Vampire sucked my blood, positive number, then off to Radiology. 
Got there, checked in, waited for about 45 minutes. I started freaking out. 
Austin was home now, my phone just died, I left the other phone in the car (stupid me)
and now i'm late, we had plans with my parents who were in town at my grandma's
and this is taking forever. 
Then I realized, shoot, diabetes, check. Checked, getting low. 
Treat with crackers I have in my purse as I wasn't in DIRE need to glucose tabs or juice. 
FINALLY got in. 
Did the ultrasound. She saw the beginning stages of a baby forming. 
After waiting, Dr. L was on the phone
explaining to me that I would need to come in tomorrow for lab work to recheck my HCG then. 
But nothing looked wrong. 

It was after 7pm now. 
I could only imagine Austin is freaking- the -F- out by now. 
Okay gotta go. Thanks Dr. L. 

Ran out of there. Called Austin on my work cell. 
Told him how sorry I was. I am on my way home now. 

I could tell he was freaked out. 
I really wanted to do something fun for him if we ever found out, 
and on the way home with my packet of information from Dr. L 
I knew I had to tell him, but wasn't sure what I'd say.

As I got home, I see Austin is just turning on a light in the house and putting his keys away. 
A- Where were you? 
Me- Sorry my appointment ran REALLY long. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorry.
What were you doing?
A- I just got back from in the car. I didn't know where you were, but I was going to 
start by going by your doctor's office, then work to find where you are. 
I was worried. 
Me- (feeling absolutely horrible and still a little panicked) I'm sorry kid. 
Well, I went to my doctor's appointment, and
Dr. L gave me this. (showed him the packet with a little picture of a mom with a belly being checked)
A- What's that?
Me- Well, this means we're having a baby and I'm pregnant. 
A-looks me in the eye and then kisses and hugs me at the same time. 

This is already going NOT the way I wanted. 
Oh well, 
Baby is on board!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A1C Reveal....

If this is what it feels like
SCREAM from the mountain tops
because I feel like
I have 
gotten back to the 
newly diagnosed
kicking Diabetes in the butt
by my wonderful 

First let me say, 
this has required A HECK OF A LOT OF WORK. 

10-12 blood sugar tests (some days as most of 20), 
7 insulin injections a day prior to the pump, 
two types of insulin, 
my entire LARGE medical health insurance deductible exceeded
(gasp, that hurts the bank)
three meters, 

and then I get this news today at
Endocrinologist's office.

Heck Yes. 

I hope this helps you baby. 
I hope I am doing everything okay for you. 
I'm happy I can work hard for you!

I am so happy!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I have learned this week...

Today's Diabetes Blog Week topic
is to write about what we have learned this week
by participating in this FUN adventure. 

As this is my first Diabetes Blog Week, 
as the first year I've really stepped out of the box
and talked more openly about my diabetes
I feel...

that I knew by reading other blogs 
more what the DOC is 
and how nice it is to not only know these people exist,
but now seeing over hundred more people
 have diabetes
or are parents of children
with diabetes
it makes this world of the DOC bigger 
that I didn't know about. 
I'm thankful for the people involved, the people that have been
stopping by, 
maybe just lurking by, 
the few that have posted comments, 
THANK YOU. I enjoy seeing whose reading
and now I follow you. 

I am very happy I did this and THANK YOU 
for creating this even again this year!!!

Cheers to a 3rd year!

Saturday Snapshots

I know I am posting this
a day late, but
 I promise these were all from yesterday
and a special picture at the end. 

Today for Diabetes Blog Week we are 
posting photos 
for one day in the life of my diabetes. 

I decided to kind of show my am routine and 
how I have been doing with the pump today. 

Every am, I record my overnights on one meter
and then check my blood sugar
check my pump, take my vitamin 
and eat breakfast..
which was...
my fiber one pancakes courtesy of my
with my sugar free syrup 
and 1/4 C of OJ! YUM

then comes...

Mrs. 2 hour Blood sugar reminder..

thanks Mrs. Pump. 

Then before heading out shopping for some
herb and veggie plants I packed
this little snack

I love Cheese!!

After shopping, and then a 
play with my 
inlaws in the evening 
we made sure to take the 


baby photo.. 

don't laugh. don't judge. 

Here I am with Baby Kimler

14 weeks 1 day

you REALLY look bigger in photos
then in real life.