Friday, March 4, 2011

where's my hard work going...

Sometimes I feel like stranger in my own body
when I know how hard I work at 
keeping my bloodsugars 
within a healthy range and then no matter
how hard I try, or
what things I change 
I continue to feel discouraged..

case in point 

1. I started to drink protein/boost drinks
in the am to help keep my morning bloodsugars lowers, 
because they have been running super high 
and I can't figure out why it is happening. 
It's not what I eat. It's not stress.
It isn't how i'm sleeping. 

Hopefully my new endo can help. But I don't get 
to see her until Tuesday. 
And as of Jan 2nd this was the earliest I could see her. 

2. I hate taking more and more insulin, to eat
three slices of bread for dinner 
(well I made pizza out of it)
and just tea with splenda
and regardless my am bs is STILL HIGH.
3. Yesterday, as I went to pick up my insulin from my
joke of a  awesome pharmacy
they proceeded to yet again
give me my insulin from
the flippin racks.
Maybe I'm just SUPER
anal regarding the fact that I want my insulin to come straight 
from the fridge. And it didn't. 
I told them is this the new protocol for insulin and that I am not happy with this
can I fill out a comment card..
maybe some other explenation happened too. 
Then what does the pharmacist say?
As rudely as one human can, 
He sighed so ALL the other people in line could hear him
and said, "FINE, I'll give YOU ones from the Fridge"
as he roughly threw my existing insulin boxes
on the counter. 

Why does it take 3 times and reminders and comment cards
for people to realize they shouldn't
mess with a Diabetic's 

Does anyone else have this problem? So am I the only one who doesn't
have a mail order pharmacy to use.

Sometimes no matter how alone you aren't, this disease can 
make you feel it, when you don't have answers 
and people don't seem to listen.

Monday, February 28, 2011

working towards a cure...

As many of you might know, 
I have Type-1 Diabetes. 
This year has been many years of change
and aspects of my life
that are now starting to 
be more of a 
steady foundation. 

Austin landed a job he loves, 
we moved out of our apartment
and bought our first house. 
We added to the family
by adopting 
our White German Shepard.

While many things have been firsts for us, 
one thing that isn't new, 
is my diabetes. 

As yes, with any chronic disease or illness, 
I have ups and downs. Mostly never ups,
but I must manage to 
stay alive. 

This year I am working harder 
to raise more awareness of this disease and
hope that in my lifetime
children will no longer have diabetes. 
teenagers will be able to have those sleep overs
and eat the snacks other kids do.
that college students can hang out with there friends
at all hours and not have to worry about blood sugars.
Type-1 diabetics will no longer exist and
women who want to get or who already are pregnant won't have to 
worry about the complications of diabetes on them or
their unborn children.

Families can be families and not count carbs, give or draw up insulin. 

With this, I hope you as my wonderful readers will read my story 

and sponsor me for
the WALK to Cure Juvenile Diabetes...

Thank you all for your help, support, donations and prayers...

-Cassie and Austin-