Sunday, December 5, 2010 to the family....

.busy. is what we are these days..

Oh yeah.. in case i'm a bad blogger and forgot to show you
here's the new Kimler home

Sorry for the estranged owner of this blog that i(or well we) are.
We found ourselves busy trying to move, unpack, find things
of course that are lost with the hussle and bussle
of moving. We are finally settled into our new home 
At an attempt to try and unpack quicker we decided to hold the 
Kimler's Thanksgiving here at our home.


That is my idea of a deadline! Well good news is we made it. 
We were able to unpack, hang clothes, figure out a large array of new home
fixings..... well Grandpa, My Father in Law and my dear husband fixed:
Toliet-not properly attached and sealed
Pipes in Basement- just about 5 out of every 10 pipes seems to be leaky at some point
Electrical- countless outlets fixed to three prong, added, rewired, installed (FINALLY have a bathroom GFCI outlet.. well heck ANY outlet is great)
Dishwasher- well sadly we still have a problem with it not draining, but
THANKFULLY it still works. 
Fridge- UGGHH lets just say moldy/nasty/broken/missing/inefficient fridge finally got replaced by 
THIS beauty!

Yep!! Energy Star, Bottom Freezer.. EXCELLENT!! Thank you Santa!!

Instead of gifts to eachother, We settled on getting an item we need for our house.
So this is where this Cyber-Sunday/Monday two day Best Buy Sale got us!!
I asked the lady if she can do something about the price she couldn't so i got it
for $150 CHEAPER online. LOVE IT..

After Thanksgiving we have found ourselves busy with work, 
upcoming family coming into town!!! YAY
Christmas time and well.. I'm show you a pre-view of our day today..





We are only looking but adding a member to our family excites us very much 

We have been looking at adopting a dog in our area and are hoping to meet our match.

I'll fill you in soon!!