Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heal My Sole.. or Fingers..

I know I have been some what
I promise I have plenty to share with you all
regarding more updates with the 
little growing Kimler.

I've been battling headaches and some
stomach/over all feeling of not feeling good
if that explains it at all. 

ever since I checked out Sarah from
(if you don't check her out you REALLY should now)
guest post regarding her giveaway for
a store named Heal My Sole
I checked it out. 

Maybe it was my pregnant self wanting
another reason to try something that 
might make me feel good, 
the fact that my feet and hands are sad looking.
My feet just from the constant abuse of walking in different shoes
all the time
and my poor fingers from all the 16-25 blood sugar checks
a day 
they needed help. 
So I went to Heal my sole's website:

and checked out their items. 

I promise I was not paid, given anything free, or even
asked to write anything about them. However, If I do ever get anything free
I would gladly accept it!:)

But SERIOUSLY. This stuff is serious. 

I bought many things but I really want to tell you
this stuff, 
It's the citrus foot rub 
However, it smells so tasty, and delicious you almost want to lick it. 
Okay, sorry for the TMI
but it smells so good. 
I've tried many scrubs before and they are all okay. 
But this stuff SERIOUSLY works. 

I went to really sad looking fingers with blood marks and pokes
to such soft no blood marks on my fingers. 

It has filled in the holes, cleaned them and getting rid of all 
the dead skin and have really done wonders on my fingers.
My feet feel great too!
I've used this just about every other day for a week now 
and I promise you won't regret this. 

Also, not to mention, this 4oz 
Citrus Foot Scrub Mini for only
was worth $15 I promise. 

So you too should stop by and test out some of her products. 
You won't be upset I promise!!

-Thanks for being patient with me and 
I promise, I'll post baby info soon!
Plus, we are at 16 weeks 5 days can you even BELIEVE it,
time is FLYING!!!


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