Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baking for the other Momma!!

I know i've posted a LOT 
about my diabetes 
as well as 
this pregnancy. 
Neither of them got a second out of my 
day but I thought
i'd share something 
completely NOT related
to Diabetes, or pregnancy. 
Something that is delicious, fun to make, 
and makes you thankful
for being able to have it
knowing the baby might want it too!! haha

We are heading to see our friends
from college in Dubuque
(i'm actually doing this while Austin gets ready)
But in case you have an upcoming activity 
and want to make a cake of your own
this Red Velvet is the perfect one!
I'm making you very hungry while just posting photos
until I post later!!


This is the frosting I have used many times before. 
This is the base, milk and flour headed to a pudding. 
I didn't get the rest of the photos, but you cream 1c butter with 1cup REAL granulated sugar. 

then here is the rest of the mini cakes

then finished..

Hope you enjoy!

I'll post the recipe tomorrow sometime!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

-C and A


  1. To cute.. love it hope you had a wonderful weekend. Love you

  2. Those look amazing!!! Very impressive - and I bet they taste even better than they look.