Thursday, June 2, 2011

A new day, a new technology

Today is CGM day. 

I knew this was coming, and after getting the pump on
on May 9, 2011
I knew the CGM was the part I wanted that would help me know
what was going on when I didn't. 

Well, I met with my awesome
Pump Nurse Peggy! 
By far the most educated and patient person yet
that has given me the most
confidence that I can do this.

So after an hour of "class"
or educating me on the 
technology of this little device, and how to work the
duel and square wave bolus's (I'll talk about this in a different post)
and when I might want to use them
I was then taught how to put it on, what is what
and then this happened..
BAM, there it is. 
The big white thing is the actual sensor
that shoots to my pump and tells me what my numbers are. 
Now, in case I have almost lost you 
just skip this part too. 
(The blood "sugar" this sensor checks is not really my blood sugar
because it is in the interstitial fluid which is different then when I do blood checks.
So at times, the numbers will not always match perfectly,
but it is a good estimate of what my BS should be)
the purple part, which you can see is full of blood
is the part that is stuck inside of me. 
Much like my pump cannula, the needle
is fed under my skin with the cannula
to help it go in
and then I pull the needles out. 
I will post on my next site changes the size of them. 
This is what I see on my pump now that I am now receiving 

So now that I did my pump site change 
this is what I'm looking like today, and for the next 2.5 days
What a Robot? Really. I think that describes how I feel perfectly. 
Plus, my belly is getting bigger,
Not to also mention, these pregnancy pants are HORRIBLE photo 
takers. so sorry if I blinded any of you!

Speaking of belly, here is where we are at today:
16 weeks 7 days!

and now for the little alien..
No, this is not my belly button, 
no this is not my child
this is one of two bumps
you can see through my shirts. 

Sometimes I think about when I'm out shopping
and people see these and wonder what is wrong with me. 
Do I have an alien in there?
sometimes I think so..

Oh technology...


  1. Yay, you have a CGM!!!! I hope you love it and that it is a huge help in navigating your blood sugars. (The needle is kind scary though, isn't it??) You look so cute. :)

  2. Oh, duh, I forgot to add that if you have any questions at all about the pump or CGM, feel free to email me. I'll help if I can. I've been on the pump for about 3 years and the CGM for about 2 1/2. :)

  3. Thanks Karen! I do have a question. How long did it take your CGM to get more accurate. My readings are still not close really at all. The closest I've come are like 20points. I think the graph is somewhat accurate but the numbers are totally off? Thanks Karen!!!