Saturday, August 13, 2011

100 posts and Belly

I just saw on my blogger
that it says
I have now posted 


maybe crazy good, or
crazy sad. 

Either way, YAY 
I'm sure i'll get much more when 
I blog more often and fill you all in more
plus when Elia is here. 

So we have been busy around here.
Not that I have tons of photos yet but I promise I will. 

Austin was able to FINALLY 
finish building the closest upstairs and minus doors we can 
now use it!

So thankful for the Kimler Men 
who have helped build it!!
Thank you!!

And I have been busy getting some 
Elia stuff done.
Mostly organizing and decorating
but working away. 

I have been blessed with many 
clothes and baby stuff
given from friends
and for that, this is
Elia is one lucky lady!!!

Speaking of Elia,
Here I am with her, at 27 weeks!!

Hard to believe but really, 
time does fly!!


  1. I cann't get over she will be here soon... love to see new things going on with your life...

  2. Sheesh seems like yesterday we just found out the wonderful news and now it's only 13 more wks til B-Day! Or should I say E-Day?? We are so so so excited!! Loveee it! *Danielle*