Tuesday, August 25, 2009

..from the apple trees...

I must share this with all of the wine lovers. Austin and I have enjoyed trying a variety of wines since our trips to Europe in college. As time has gone by, I couldn't count how many have reached our favorite lists.. more like MY favorite, as Austin doesn't drink much more than a glass.. ;)

Here it is.... only $6.99 a bottle at Binny's (I'm sure they sell it elsewhere) but it is made here in Illinois from Illinois Cellars.

Try it!

* Enjoy! It pairs well on its own for a sweet night wine, with any type of meat dish or, personally, i don't mind it with a salty snack!!!:)


  1. yumm! Sounds amazing. We just went to a wine tasting here and I fell in love with Raspberry Honeywine. (made here in SD)I will have to try to get some of that apple wine. Also, look out for blueberry wine. (particularly one from a vinyard in Florida) It is AMAZING!

  2. Thanks Alissa!! I hope ONE DAY, we get to go wine tasting..:) ahh i'd be in heaven!!!