Monday, September 28, 2009 between the states...

As you can tell by the gap in days, Austin and I have been, well between the states. "States" meaning from Chicago, Illinois to the Quad Cities, Iowa. We continue to pray and hope that soon we will be able to find one place, with two jobs, under one roof where we both can settle and enjoy this wonderful married life as we are a little half through our first year.

Hard to believe, but true nonetheless.

I'm still working in Lockport, where Austin has some freelance jobs here and a job back home he works at. We continue to make it work in hopes soon, we'll be able to move, together, and enjoy life.

I know not many people see this, but if you do, I ask you pray for us, and for jobs to become open and people to see our talents and inspire to have us as a part of their team.

Please please...

Hopefully soon we'll have more exciting news for you. Don't worry, I have found two more wines under $10 that I need to post (uhm. uhm.. Their on Austin's computer) to you all can go out and enjoy them!!!

Until later!

Take care

*** Fall is here!!! WOO HOO***

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  1. Praying for you two, dear! Hope the road gets a little easier soon!

    My new job right now is "Community Educator" for a counseling center focusing on Mental Illness. They sent me to a 5 day training 2 weeks ago and now I am teaching classes on how to recognize first signs of mental illness or 1st signs of another episode of MI to community members like police/nurses and family members also of new diagnosis. It is part time right now but they want to make me full time but I am not so sure about that yet :) we want to raise a family and such. It is a great and needed field isn't it?