Saturday, November 14, 2009

: Life Changes..::

Sorry it has been so long for a "real" post. Austin and I have been quite busy, with me changing jobs, us finding a place to live, us moving and now me having one week of work down!! WOOHOO!!..

 so here are a few things from this fall starting with us going to my FIRST Bettendorf High School Football Game, and they won thank you!!!

 Me and Valerie at BHS

From a while ago, On my Birthday I made Julia Child's Choclate Spongecake with

On October 31st Jessi and Loreto were married at the Will County Courthouse!!! Here is them with the judge!!!

Here is our NEW FAMILY ADDITION!!! Loreto's parents, Jessi and Ro, and our Mom and Dad

The Cakes I Made for Jessie and Loreto's Wedding!!

Setting up their cake table with my cakes, and a picture of them from earlier in the day!

All over it was a pretty busy fall, but great fall!!!

I have been baking and trying new techniques with the cakes i have been baking! It has surely
been fun!

We will post pictures of our move, mostly of what our place looks like, however, the inside
is still pretty messy with boxes and such!

So pictures to come!!!

Thank you for all of those of you who helped us move,
we really couldn't have done it without you all!!!

 <3 Cassie and Austin!!


  1. Hey Cassie! Now that you are in Davenport, when Hans and I come home to visit, we will have to get together! His parents house is in Davenport so not far from where the two of you have your first place TOGETHER! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have a place TOGETHER! I know that Hans and I enjoy it, even if we don't see each other as often as we like, we love knowing that have a place of our own that we can both call home! Take Care and hope we can catch up sometime in the Quad Cities!