Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great Love....

Told you i'd have a lot of posts coming..

So.. one of our "testing" resolutions is to try and take one photo of US every night. 
Now, for how busy, or tired we are, we have gotten more than we thought. Howveer
we now take them anywhere we remember. Some placed nicely, perhaps on the couch, 
or in the kitchen. Some while on our computers, or when we happen to remember to actually take them,
our bedroom. 
Lucky for you, I'm not that private. Just no judging!! hehe

Here are some of our daily photos.. at least ones Austin allowed!!

Here's the exciting life of 80K & CK









like when i fall asleep before taking a picture.. this is the result..:)




yes, Austin wears the same few sweaters which are his favorite. They are washed
all of them, just loved.. a lot..:)

Hope you enjoyed seeing our many faces throughout this past month.

We are heading off to visit my Family in Plainfield and hopefully will add more pictures next week!!

Along with my cute cute chocolate peanut butter sandwiches..:)


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