Thursday, February 4, 2010

LONG overdue...

All of my avid readers, all of you few out there, I'm sorry. I haven't stopped thinking about you, its just.. well... hard when your hours are so crazy, you find time for yourself, then you work on what you want to blog about, take pictures on the nights you don't fall asleep early.. to then forget to blog. ... 

Phew.. okay so.. heres a few things we have been up to.....

My new years resolutions have a lot to do with what I have been busy doing. 
New years Resolution:
1. Organization
2. Wine
3. Great Food
4. Great Family
5. Good times
6. Great Love

I will try to use this as my labels of my posts...

Okay so these few pictures are of our new place.. some.. just mostly the downstairs 
and our basement...not cleaned during photo taking

family room, with Jacob and Racquel in it!!!

view from the kitchen side

Kitchen preparing for new years!!!

our basement/computer room. Yes that IS a Sex and the City poster..
be jealous!!!

Next is Food I have been cooking/baking. Not all, but few i allowed time to picture taking to happen.

Homemade twice baked potatoes... OMG delicious..
Best EVER!!

Stuffed hamburgers!! YUM! As you can see there aren't too many on the plate
they were that good. 

Roasted Red Pepper and Cream cheese stuffed Burgers!!!

Have we mentioned Austin's LOVE for burgers.. well
he does!.. Love them..

Our Racine Wisconsin Favorite. 
No i did not bake it,
instead bought for $3.99 from Fareway!!!

Delicious none-the-less


Homemade Beer/Italian bread..
Goodness it was tasty! With pastas, soups, salads.. YUM


One of my quick dishes. 
Balsamic veggie pasta!!! with Beer bread and cranberry/diet 7-up!!! hehe

and lastly.... for now at least...
somewhat of our typical dinner, quick and easy. 

Green beans, Potato, and a meat. This happens to be Pork. lol

There's plenty of other meals I have tried, including many different rice, enchilada, roll  up/ sandwiches that 
I have concocted. I really loved trying new recipes
and making my husband say over and over...

" chef" or "kimler approved" 

I love him for his sweet sweet encouragement!!!

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