Monday, July 12, 2010

being crafty...CAKES!!!

Sorry we have been MIA. We have been so busy with work, parties, wedding, activities in general
that I just have not posted as much as I wanted.

So a few weeks back now Austin was the photographer for a friend of ours Wedding:

* This is all of us Gamma Phi Delta's that were at the Lawrence Wedding!!! We are so happy for Kristen and Nick!

The next week I had been hired to make a coworker's MIL Wedding Cake. 
After some research I decided to go ahead and do it. 

Stay tuned, I'll post pics of this. 
Until then you can see it on Facebook:

Also, we are planning a Kimler vacation trip at the end of this month!!
Here we come Washington D. C

-<3 the Kimlers!

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