Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So I have realized recently that I LOVE following others'
blogs but really haven't put too much time into

I am now trying (trying to post on MY blog) to learn to DO IT. 

My Personal Goals are:
1. Post 3 times a week
2. Write about interests of mine- such as baking cakes, crafting,
etsy, bargins, learning to be a better wife.
3. Get more than 2 followers. 
one of which is my SIL who doesn't remember her password and
therefore shouldn't count. 
Hopefully we can do this. If there's anyone out there reading here's my question to you..

If you could change ONE thing you wish you had time to do, 
for YOURSELF what would it be?

-<3 C. K
some cupcakes I made to test new tips I used, for the cake.. which is to come!!!


  1. I would jump back into the theater scene and audition for community shows. I love being on stage and miss it ALOT! The time commitment is crazy if I would actually get a part in a play so it is a no go. Boo hoo...

  2. :) thanks Manda:)A close friend of the family, like you LOVE being on stage, and he just recently got back into it, and yes it was a HUGE undertaking as he has two boys, i think 9 and 12 when he started again. But i'm sure he feels it is so worth it. He came alive again!!! There's always hope, it might just take that ONE perfect part that comes along and you'll SHINE!!:)

  3. i stopped volunteering after i had kids and i miss it! i would love to dedicate even a few hours of each month ... maybe serving on a board of directors for a girls/women non-profit :)