Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Fun Day!!!

Today was a day of LOVE LOVE LOVE oh, and FUN!!

Our day started off with a nice crisp and warm scorching hot day in

 I have this thing, you might call it a mild obsession with buttons. 
I LOVE THEM! They have so much character 
and i guess they each tell a little about history and just think 
about all the places they've been. 

Okay, I was honest with saying I might be a little obsessed. 

Anyway we ate lunch at the button factory, which is just a
Gem. Here's what we ate:

This was his...
This was mine. Corned Beef, Pastrami, Pepperjack cheese with 
sauteed onions and Dijon mustard.. YUM

After looking around and seeing the neat machines, I then got these!!

Aren't they NEAT!! Yeah i thought so too!!!

After eating we then walked around the Mississippi. We saw this CUTE
Pearl City boat

and some more around there!

This was a cute wading fountain that kids were running in. 
SO CUTE! and what a perfect way to spend a hot day!

Then there was more walking and picture taking

Now I know i could have stood a little straighter to look less
frompy, but this is a new skirt that i just LOVE. Its almost like
a thin tweed, and oh so comfy. 

I bought this, and when It on i said out loud that this is 
a B.A skirt. Click on the link to read this FABULOUS 
blogger. She is so fun and always gives you helpful tips!!

Yes I know, i am not a fashionista, by any stretch of the word
just always trying to find a cheaper way, of fitting into something
and bring comfortable yet able to move!!

Here are some more pics
My S.T U D L Y husband in all his glory!

Mr. Kimler isn't that short at 6'2, compared to that statue
he looks mini!!
After we got back we had a fundraiser for my work, 
Trivia Night actually, and this is after
coming home from that and maybe a bar, or club or you fill it in!!

I changed this up by wearing a new shirt from Old Navy on top as well. 
This skirt is really versatile! This whole outfit is actually from Old Navy!
And probably under like $12 bucks! Can't beat that!!

Here are some more details of the outfit!
the head band with flower is from Claire's
and the necklace is one that can hang down as a long necklace
It was a gift for Christmas, I think Kohls!

While at the fundraiser, there was also a silent auction, which i won

Hope you guys enjoyed this day as much as I did!!

Thanks again for tuning in. 

Also cupcake and "THE CAKE" are coming
sorry for the wait!!
<3 C.Kimler

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