Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drunken Berries or Drunken Cassie?

All day while at work all I wanted
was fruit. 


Then when thinking about making homemade pizza for dinner I 
thought of these!!! 

Recipe: Drunken Nutella Berry Tartlets!

1 package of sheet pizza dough
about 1 cup frozen berries or fruit(microwave
for 1 minute and pour over alcohol of choice
until its kinda soupy)

What I did was: First I microwaved my frozen berries in a bowl for about 1 minute. I then poured SkinnyGirl Margarita over them so that they were swimming in it. Next, I cut the pizza dough into squares to fit my pan(24). I placed them in the circles. Next I spooned in Nutella with my (clean) fingers in each cup. (Hubs doesn't like berries so i put more nutella in his). On top of the ones
without berries, i dabbed a little honey in them for sweetness. I then put my berries in each cup along with a little of the juice. I also poured a little juice in the hubs' too. 

They looked like this:

Then after preheating the oven to 350 (My pizza was in the oven so I just kept it at that)
I then put my tarlets in on the top rack. I think they were in there for about 11-13 minutes. 

I took them out when the tops of the dough was brown. 

Use a mini spatula or if you don't have one a small fork to get under 
and lift them out. 


Cooked they looked like this:
I served them on our heart plate!:) 


While we had date night on OUR couch,
eating homemade pizza
with the dog at our feet
while watching
Sparticious on Blueray!!!

Did anyone else watch that show?

I know it's pretty sexual but was much better in the middle and end of the 


Have any of you tried any Quick and Easy recipes lately? 
If so, Tell me what your Favorite
homemade snack is?

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. with some skinny girl to go with it .... got to love it....