Saturday, March 12, 2011

Changes around the Kimler house..

This Tuesday,
I met with a new Endocrinologist here in the Quad Cities.
This is my first endo appointment since I graduated college in

Yes, I know.. too too long.

However, it was refreshing.
She was nice. Helpful. She let me talk and
explain what i need from her, what I need to make sure
i'm exactly where i want to be with Diabetes. 
She helped set goals with me
and together, 
we decided that...



I'm going on the insulin pump. 
I feel like I just jumped on a plane with out any luggage..

I don't know.
I have wanted to post about this all week, but I didn't really know what to say.
There's so much going on in my head. 
I've been the kind of Type 1, 
that gives themselves injections 3-4times a day,
I have to wait 4 hours after my insulin wears off to eat again
(which will make my life easier NOT to have to do this)

I know my friends and family don't care
but I've HATED having to be the person to either not eat
with everyone and feel bad because it's not time yet,
or everyone has to wait for me until I can.

I also hate having to eat when I'm not hungry because it's been 4 hours 
and if I want to eat with my husband
I have to eat lunch at certain times.

I'm nervous. I don't know anything about it, 
i feel like I get it and have to jump right into it without any time
to manage it before working. 

When I got diagnosed, It was summer break so I didn't have to worry
about needing time to figure it out. 
I have to go straight into work the next day. 
I have a feeling I'm going to forget my name
i'm going to be so overwhelmed. 

This I know. 

I'm happy though, I will have much more flexibility,
i'll have better and tighter control hopefully, and
It might just make my life a little easier. 
and my husbands, because now he won't have to wait for me until
we can eat. 

If you are on a pump, know someone on a pump and want to share 
ANY information, Please feel free to share
WHATEVER you want!! 

Thanks for listening


  1. Yay, you are going on a pump!!!! Okay, I've had T1 for 32 years. I've been on the pump for 3. I was SO SO SO SCARED to pump - I really was - but like you, I was so tired of poor control and little flexibility, so I finally decided to give it a try. And can I tell you? It was the best decision I have ever made concerning diabetes. I don't remember feeling overwhelmed that first week - I think the transition was pretty smooth. And you know you have the D-OC on your side. Feel free to email me ( with any and all questions you have before, during and after you get the pump. Any idea yet which one you will be getting??

  2. HI Karen! Thank you for this comment. I met yesterday with the pump educator and I will be getting the Minimed Paradigm Revel and the CGM. I'll learn more about it in two weeks when i see the lady next. How they do it here, is it is a week process where I get my pump on monday, and i am monitored in the Diabetes Center from 7-3:30 if i am allowed to go home depending on blood sugar's, and then again on tuesday. After there I have to call in every 3 hours with my BS reading. Thursday of that week i'll go in for my site change and see them again on monday. So they told me no sleeping really for the first week as I will be exhausted. Does that sound like what you went through?