Monday, March 14, 2011


so lately,
I feel like the weather recently. 

Sometimes I feel windy: Like my head is going to explode. 
Either with deadlines, appointments for clients,
multiple schedule changes
all up in the air
not knowing what real next direction
i'm supposed to go in.

Don't worry, then my clients remind me where I was going.

then there's the Rain:

days that go by so slowly, like I woke up
and i have lived 400 years in 1 day. 
okay, maybe i'm exaggerating
but i feel like sometimes I cram 
things into one day. 

then when the rain gets harder and is like pelting
your skin, 
are those days i feel rushed
of the day.

then of course there are those days where 
it starts out foggy, then snows a little,
then the sun comes out, 
and at night time comes
a thunder storm.

Don't even get me started on that kind of day. 
That is the day, i forget to bring my insulin,
forgot to charge my work cell phone.
loose my planner in the car
and my phone pretty much
BLOWS up from
phone calls.

What am i turning into comparing life to the weather. I guess i'm just ready for
some Spring action. 
Sunny skies, warm weather, 
plants, flowers
fresh veggies..

Between what my brain is doing, what my mind is thinking
how my body is reacting
to my speech jumbling all together and I can't remember what I was saying..

I think..

PHEW... One Day At A Time. 

Am I alone here? or maybe it's just me making a busy schedule..

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