Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am elated. 

I knew trying to get more involved in my
current community with
would bring different emotions.

Mostly "coming out" if you will,
putting myself out there for people to label me 
as a diabetic. 
Not that I haven't been diabetic 
for almost 4 years now
but i'm putting myself,
my diabetes, my diabetes management 
out there for people to read about
even if I am nervous about it
I'm happy. 


Well today I saw something I haven't felt before.
I logged into my
JDRF walk page to find
I have now raised $707!!!
That is exactly $200 MORE than 
my goal. 

I'm blown away at the support, 
not just financial, 
but the people that WANT 
to make a difference. 
The people who took time, to look at my blog,
to read and look at my table with information regarding Diabetes,
or who asked me my personal history with

I'm excited to know, people care and want a cure
just as badly as I do. 

I was in pump class today, preparing for it by learning all this
stuff, most i already knew. 
(Thanks to you fellow Pump/DOC bloggers)
And after feeling being ripped apart lately by CDE's, 
Dietitian's or other medical staff
I felt happy to know 
I'm working at keeping my 
A1C down and my numbers in good check. 

I know I might have a few weeks yet to see my results of the 
hard work I have been doing, but we're shooting for under 6. Cross your fingers. 

But really, THANK YOU
to all those Type-1 supporters. You're not only helping
ME, personally
but all of those who live with it, care for it and
are scared of it. 
Together, we can fund for the cure. 

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