Friday, April 15, 2011

D life, not E life,,

Diabetes life is not an Easy life..

I've been having those days, and well, 
when all day i feel low, when i'm not
don't feel low until


you fall over,
all of a sudden your dizzy,
your sight seems a little off,
you right hand is started to shake and you're not using it
you lips go numb
you feel this overwhelming 
earthquake within your body just about to BLOW

I hate it when you can't do anything but shove your 
face and your numbers go up like 3 mg/dl. 

I'm excited to see what is happening before i feel
like the way i do right now,
but seriously

I wish people that don't understand how difficult
diabetes can be, 
can take my shoes on a day like today .
I'd bet they'd want THEIR body back. 

on to another test and probably more 
glucose tabs..

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