Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two plus One equals Three.......

First it started with a couple doctor visits..

then it started with meeting a new 

and her idea of what might be happening and how she can help...

Then it started with making a Diabetes Educator/ Dietitian 
appointment across the hallway...

and to inform them I would be entering the 
Pump world, as a Type 1 Diabetic new Pumper....

Then it was a visit to my
medical doctor to review how everything has been going,
what the plan would be for her 
leaving and finding a new doctor
and then quickly went to something that looked like this:

After that it went quickly to my first
prenatal visit for 
a ultrasound
and from  there
we have been busy. 

Between Endocrinologist appointments every two weeks, 
multiple visits with the dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Pump training,
Pump classes, OBGYN appointments, Packets given, 
and after multiple blood tests...

 we then saw you..

Mommy and Daddy are very happy to have you
and to make you part of our lives and family. 

To those that might just be following,
this pregnancy will  be one that
will have much to overcome and 
challenges along the way. 
I am type one diabetic,
a high risk pregnancy. 

I do want to warn or inform you, 
that Austin and I have decided to help other
Type 1's or diabetics in this process
with our experience. 

As no pregnancy or woman are the same, 
I am hoping to recap for you what has happened so far, 
and details for what will come. 
I hope you will stick with us, 
support us, 
provide advice or comments our way
and enjoy the journey we are on 
and an exciting one it will be. 

Thank you to all our readers, for what you do for us
and for reading about our life. 

Cassie and Austin.  


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Even tho I may have known still literally tears right now reading this. SOOOO happy for you two, what wonderful loving parents you will be :o) We are here for you sister!

  2. so I was totaly on your blog earlier today, checking out some design ideas, saw the title of this blog and didn't think twice, I thought you were talking about your diabeties and totaly missed it! I know what you are thinking because I am thinking it to "GOD WHAT AN IDIOT!!!" LOL I am very excited for you both! Good luck!

  3. WOOHOO!!!! That is FANTASTIC news!! I will be praying for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby and mommy!!! SO EXCITING!!!!

  4. YAY thank you Danielle, Tia and Manda!!! We are very excited and happy to share our journey with others!!

  5. Your mom is so happy to have another grandbaby. Can't wait to meet him or her and give them TONS of kisses.

  6. Oh my!!!!!!!! YAY! I am so excited for you!!!!! You will be SUCH a great mama!

  7. Thanks Alissa!!! YAY for Mommies!

  8. Oooh, the news is out! I can finally publicly say CONGRATS!!! :) So excited for you and your growing family.

  9. Thanks Kim! Yep the news is out!!! Woohoo!!!