Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I have learned this week...

Today's Diabetes Blog Week topic
is to write about what we have learned this week
by participating in this FUN adventure. 

As this is my first Diabetes Blog Week, 
as the first year I've really stepped out of the box
and talked more openly about my diabetes
I feel...

that I knew by reading other blogs 
more what the DOC is 
and how nice it is to not only know these people exist,
but now seeing over hundred more people
 have diabetes
or are parents of children
with diabetes
it makes this world of the DOC bigger 
that I didn't know about. 
I'm thankful for the people involved, the people that have been
stopping by, 
maybe just lurking by, 
the few that have posted comments, 
THANK YOU. I enjoy seeing whose reading
and now I follow you. 

I am very happy I did this and THANK YOU 
for creating this even again this year!!!

Cheers to a 3rd year!


  1. Cassie -
    I'm glad you are out of the box!! I was in Davenport in 2009 and very well may be again this summer (on our way across the country). I hope we'll keep in touch through this blogosphere at the very least!

  2. If you are ever in through Davenport, please let me know!I'd love to hopefully meet up!