Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Snapshots

I know I am posting this
a day late, but
 I promise these were all from yesterday
and a special picture at the end. 

Today for Diabetes Blog Week we are 
posting photos 
for one day in the life of my diabetes. 

I decided to kind of show my am routine and 
how I have been doing with the pump today. 

Every am, I record my overnights on one meter
and then check my blood sugar
check my pump, take my vitamin 
and eat breakfast..
which was...
my fiber one pancakes courtesy of my
with my sugar free syrup 
and 1/4 C of OJ! YUM

then comes...

Mrs. 2 hour Blood sugar reminder..

thanks Mrs. Pump. 

Then before heading out shopping for some
herb and veggie plants I packed
this little snack

I love Cheese!!

After shopping, and then a 
play with my 
inlaws in the evening 
we made sure to take the 


baby photo.. 

don't laugh. don't judge. 

Here I am with Baby Kimler

14 weeks 1 day

you REALLY look bigger in photos
then in real life. 




  1. You have always loved cheese... and you look wonderful... my baby is having a baby...still makes me cry im sooooo happy....