Friday, January 21, 2011

Illness- Try 2

So, as I said and didn't finish writing yesterday, 
I was very mad and upset. 

Mad being, Mad at the Insurance Companies who feel it is 
okay to charge people, who like me
cannot live without insulin because our body doesn't make it anymore. 

Not only in 2011 have I learned,
late of course
that my work insurance is being increased almost by $$$$$ bucks a month
but, after being told my coverage hasn't changed at all
just the amount covered
(But don't worry Cassie, VF(work place) has taken most of the 
burden of the payment increase to make it more
affordable for you) HAHAHA 

Can anyone have the right to say "more affordable" to 
a Type-1 Diabetic?

Any Type-1's out there reading this, because I bet you too
are laughing. 

My whole life, is, has been, will be

Money to go to the doctor
Money to track my blood sugars 3-4x a day
Money for the endless supplies it takes to DO that.
Money for my two types of insulin I must take
to function, to live, to help my pancreas break down the sugars in the food
I eat. 
Money to go to the doctor when I cannot figure out why my numbers
aren't reading what they should.
Money that gets given to the darn insurance companies for less
coverage on my insulin because unlike a normal medication
mine is not only tier 2 but also monitored and I can only have so much
with me at a time. 

I pray for a month I don't have to have the pharmacist check the actual medicine
in the bag she wanted me to pay for
because time and time again, I am given
the wrong medicine, 
the wrong kind
the wrong dose
or the wrong formula for what I have to take. 

Uggh.. sorry for the downer of posts but I feel better
getting this off of my mind and put into words. 

Do you not want to hear about diabetes? Do you have some medical frustration you have?
 Say it. Do any of you deal with the stressed of how "affordable" heath care is for us?

Let me know!!!

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